Interest booms in solar power investment


p2309solaruterne450By ERWIN CHLANDA
More than 80% of 542 locals surveyed by RePower Alice Springs are willing to pay for solar power infrastructure, according to the group’s spokeswoman Rosalie Schultz.
“As the NT Government drags its heels on meaningful action to address climate change” locals are willing to put their money into a solar farm with $1,000 to $5,000 the most commonly stated investment range,” she says.
“The results add up to at least $850,000 and possibly over $3m in investment interest.”
Meanwhile the government announced today that it will “develop over the next 12 months” a Northern Territory Electricity Market “to deliver lower cost and reliable power, and meet the government’s target of its 50% renewables by 2030.
Says Dr Schultz: “Our survey report comes just weeks after the release of the NT Government’s 10 Year Infrastructure Plan which shows little investment in renewables infrastructure and just one year after the NT Roadmap to Renewables report recommended the government take immediate action to kick-start the roll-out of renewable energy projects.
“Most respondents to the RePower survey wanted to invest in solar infrastructure because of environmental and community concerns, rather than for the financial return on investment that can be expected from a well-managed solar farm.”
PHOTO: The Uterne plant being inspected during its opening in Alice Springs.


  1. Government commitment or not private investment continues to grow. Progress since 2007 can be tracked.
    With solar installations becoming more attractive over time there is every indication this growth will continue at or above previous rates.

  2. The whole of the NT could have been solar-powered 20 years ago, yet we’re still discussing, thinking, waiting, contemplating. Meanwhile the earth is dying!

  3. […] majority of residents are willing to pay for Alice Springs solar farms to get lower energy prices, according to an independent […]


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