Government-made dust bowl: What comes next


2588 Tony StubbinBy ERWIN CHLANDA
A range of dust suppression measures has been promised by the Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Logistics to the Land Development Corporation which is developing the Kilgariff suburb on the southern outskirts of Alice Springs.
This follows the complete denuding of about a square kilometre east of the Stuart Highway and north of the Colonel Rose Drive to create a drain.
The corporation’s CEO Tony Stubbin (pictured) says he has been told that in the short term, the department is organising the application of PolyCom Stabilising Aid product to the cleared areas and drain.
In response to a high wind event, water is applied to manage dust.
Grassing is planned to coincide with the on-set of the rainy season.
Top soil has been set aside and will be used as part of the rehabilitation work, says Mr Stubbin.
The PolyCom Stabilising Aid is anticipated to be applied in three weeks’ time, and watering will be used to manage dust in the interim.


  1. Mr Stubbin is no doubt from Darwin.
    Perhaps no one has told him that we do not have a “rainy season” in the Centre?


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