Booze ban sign: can they be serious?


2581 welcome sign 1 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
This sign, near the picturesque Honeymoon Gap, warning of alcohol restrictions in Alice Springs, has been in roughly this condition for years.
On Tuesday the Alice Springs News Online drew the attention of NT Government authorities to it.
The reply: “The signage in question is the responsibility of Licensing NT.
“Moves are underway for the sign to be replaced and a review is also being undertaken of any other similar signage around Alice Springs to identify whether any further works are required.”


  1. Most of the Binns Track signs and interpretive signs at Arltunga Historical Reserve are in the same unreadable condition.
    Simply put, when the contract was awarded to produce these signs it would seem they forgot about our extreme climate. More taxpayer’s money littrerly burnt.

  2. Is there a contradiction in term when the message reads on the one hand: WELCOME and on the other one of the many restrictions the visitor will encounter, such as don’t spit on the floor, don’t swim in the waterhole, don’t drive beyond 40km/h, don’t bring any fresh food stuff, don’t drink within the 2km limits of an alcohol supplier, don’t buy your beer before 2pm, don’t overstay your tourist or working holiday visa (unless you know the Home Affairs Minister) and don’t ever try to rebuild your life in Australia or you’ll languish in Nauru, etc.
    If new signage is contemplated, perhaps it could offer a smiling welcome with message such as: WELCOME TO ALICE SPRINGS, HOME TO THE NATIONAL ABORIGINAL ART GALLERY or WELCOME TO ALICE SPRINGS: YOU ARE IN ARRERNTE COUNTRY, RESPECT.


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