Anzac Precinct: govt declines to play ball, confusion reigns


2579 Moss, Wakefield OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
“The Alice Springs Town Council passed a motion last night in support of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery, but it is unclear what council’s position is regarding the Anzac Hill Precinct site.”
This is in a statement released by Ministers Lauren Moss and Dale Wakefield (pictured) a short while ago, referring to the government’s “consultation process” aka “engagement” with portions of the local community.
The ministers say the government has “the community mandate”  to build the gallery in the Anzac Oval precinct.
“It will never be possible to get a consensus view on where this project should be located but at some point, the community’s elected representatives need to show leadership and get on with it,” they say.
“We intend to continue with this project – and we have said all along that we want to do this in conjunction with council, with stakeholders and with the community.
“But we need to make a call on the site and move onto the next phase of the project.”


  1. What total bullshit! They have no desire to consult or consider what the majority of the town wants. Let’s remember this and vote them out of office!

  2. The community’s elected representatives are the Alice Springs town council, who at this stage are doing what a large proportion of citizens want. The member for Braitling is in the minority and should in all conscience back off.

  3. Thank goodness for the NT Government finally standing by the project and the work will commence. This too and fro has dragged on for too long. I applaud the minister for her strong stand and commitment to Alice Springs and its future.

  4. Erwin, at this point one has to ask “cui bono” (who benefits?)
    It is hard to imagine that a Government would behave in such a pig-headed, stupid, financially irresponsible way (well, maybe not so hard).
    So I have to ask, what don’t we know about their motives for this?
    Surely it can’t be the nonsense of “rejuvenating the north end of the mall”.
    What else is at play here?

  5. Maybe Janet, but what about the charade, pretending to consult?
    What is underlying in this? Mates having already a contract? Promises being made to big companies?
    Let the government come clean on the subject.
    All I know for certain that next elections, be it government or council, I will not go to the polling boots. I prefer pay the fines rather to vote for gutless candidates.
    “When politicians make promises, they create a rod for their own backs. They create a moral obligation to keep them, but that obligation does not obliterate or override their prior and remaining moral obligation to act in the best interests of their constituents and the country as a whole. If a promise they have foolishly made conflicts with that moral duty, they should break their promise.”

  6. Come on Alice Springs Town Councillors. Cards on the table.
    Are you with the people who voted you in and whom you are representing or are you with the bullies of the Northern Territory Government?
    The Council poll says – NO DEAL! Are you going to let Gunner, Wakefield and Moss ride roughshod over you! Stand up to them.
    This is our town not theirs. They just want to dump another lemon onto us like they did with the Supreme Court building. OMG, what an eyesore that is right in the middle of town.
    We are a country town not a city. If tourist want to see a city then they have plenty to pick from. Don’t ruin our hometown!


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