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Five youths arrested after armed robbery

Police arrested five youths aged between 11 and 16 yesterday after a series of incidents including the armed robbery of a 55-year-old man.
They were caught after police located a stolen motor vehicle north of Alice Springs, according to a police media release.
“The vehicle was stopped after the deployment of a tyre deflation device near the Geoff Moss Bridge this afternoon,” it says.
It is alleged around 5am yesterday a driver was sitting in his parked vehicle on Renner Street when a white SUV drove up and stopped next to his vehicle.
It is alleged two males armed with shovels got out of the SUV vehicle and opened his car door demanding money.
One of the males grabbed a coin dispenser from the driver and the keys to his vehicle before returning to the car and driving off.
The 55-year-old driver sustained a minor injury to his head during the incident.
Police are calling for anyone who observed a white SUV in the area of Renner Street, Eastside at that time, to contact them.
“Our investigations so far have indicate the vehicle is possibly a Kia Sportage which has been reported as stolen from a residence in Araluen overnight,” police say.
The offenders are of Indigenous in appearance, both of a skinny build and around 17 or 18 years old and wearing hooded jumpers at the time of the incident.


  1. Great work NT police pity they’ll be out before the weekend and you’ll be chasing them around again and again. Government needs to take control and grow some balls!

  2. Urgent, urgent, urgent. Aboriginal people are out of control. We need police walking the streets with dogs. Trained dogs. Call the Army or something. Draw a line in the sand and make the call!

  3. Mabel: Could not agree with a comment more than yours.
    This town is out of control with Aboriginals. People are civilized and do not rob, bash, steal from innocent people.
    I agree more police are needed in this town but the bigger issue is what happens to the people when they are arrested and front court.
    Back in the 60s and 70s gaol with hard labour was usual. Bring back tough sentencing instead of the slap on the wrist from lenient judges.
    Offenders should be responsible for their actions. No excuses brought up in court for their illegal actions. Sentencing should be harsh just like the old days.

  4. Spades … you have to be kidding me !Had a good laugh. You people would never survive in Africa. Thanks for the laugh.


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