NBN: Higher cost for less speed in Lingiari


p2045-Warren-Snowdon-at-8HALETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – 6128 homes in the Lingiari electorate will be slugged $240 extra a year to receive the same internet service as households in a metro area, under a new NBN pricing plan revealed in Federal Parliament this week.
Before a Joint Standing Committee into the National Broadband Network, NBNCo admitted it plans to slug regional Australians on the fixed-wireless network $20 more per month than a customer who is on a fixed line service.
There are over 245,510 premises connected to an NBN Wireless service. This will grow to 600,000 by 2021. These households and businesses are overwhelmingly in regional and rural Australia.
Simply put, Lingiari customers could pay 44% more than someone in the city for the same 50 Mbps speed under this plan.
Because of his failures, the Prime Minister now wants people in Lingiari to pick up the bill for his mess. Under Turnbull, we have a second-rate NBN that is $20 billion over budget and four years behind schedule.
It’s no wonder residents in Lingiari are being lumped with higher prices, slower speeds and less reliable service.
Warren Snowdon
MHR for Lingiari


  1. This guy is unbelievable. Old Warren wakes up from his 20 year snooze in Parliament long enough to bag the other party, then goes back to sleep.
    Time to move on Warren, new blood and ideas are needed.

  2. So what are you doing about this Warren? You are the lingari representative!
    Just another inequity rural and remote Australians have to endure due to consistantly poor political representation.
    What’s that saying “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”? Why don’t you squeak for Lingari?

  3. Whatever happened to the universal service obligation which has always been imposed on Telstra (and which they honoured until privatisation, witness the optic fibre from the Stuart Highway through the the APY lands which was heading for Perth).
    It stopped at Papalankutja / Blackstone when privatisation happened.
    Have the ALP made a commitment to reintroduce this obligation for the NBN?


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