Lots of help for woman, none for the man


Sir – In March I was charged with aggravated assault with an offensive weapon. The charges are false, my partner admitted at the time of making the statement she was highly intoxicated, mentally unwell and outright lied.
She tried every avenue to stop the proceedings, only to be sent in circles between agencies. She was told she is lying, I was pressuring her or there was family pressure. None of this is true.
She kept on getting support calls offering assistance including safe housing even after telling them she lied.
Meanwhile I was placed on the banned drinkers list, have to report to police weekly and I have numerous court dates.
I asked for support from multiple agencies without luck. Congress men’s clinic said to me this is the massive problem, all the funding is for women.
Men are left to go to prison or die.
I had to take a day off work from the stress of the news that this case is proceeding and I need to decide whether to tell my boss the truth and risk losing my full time employment.
This is causing me immense mental pressure. Meanwhile my partner, who actually hit me with a weapon, is hassle free and happy. The system is a disgrace.
Name provided but withheld upon request.


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