Paech 'vehemently opposed' to Ilparpa transport hub


2563 Tony Smith land OK

A fresh storm is brewing in the Ilparpa area over the use of a block zoned Rural for the storage, and apparently repair, of a large number of dongas, with Namatjira MLA Chansey Paech joining residents in opposing the project.
The block, which has recently changed hands, is being used by NT Link.
2563 Tony SmithLinkedIn describes Tony Smith (pictured) is a director at NT Link Pty Ltd & Outback Parks & Lodges.
The zoning defines as “discretionary” the uses of the land as “transport terminal” as well as for “supporting accommodation”.
A resident of the area says some 90 people have lodged objections, worried that their lifestyle would be adversely affected.
They are also annoyed about truck movements both on the land and the near-by busy Ilparpa Road.
An application will be heard by the Development Consent Authority in Alice Springs on August 8.
2563 Tony Smith trucksThe resident says up to 130 dwellings have been stored on the land for some time. It used to be the site of a battery hen plant.
There have been repeated clashes between rural residents and users of neighbouring blocks for industrial purposes in hobby farm locations south of The Gap.
We have sought comment from Mr Smith.

Mr Paech has told the Development Consent Authority (DCA) in a letter that he is “vehemently opposed to the continuation of this transport hub on Ilparpa Road.


“We have already seen the impact of transport hubs and industrial businesses on our rural area.
“My office has had consistent reports since my election of the numerous hardships that rural residents have to suffer when they live in proximity to a transport hub.
2463 Chansey Paech OK“From increased dust and noise, to the degradation of roads and public amenity, these types of industrial businesses have a hugely negative impact on the rural lifestyle,” Mr Paech (pictured) wrote to the DCA.
“Those who purchase rural residential blocks do so for the idyllic, peaceful environment, to grow gardens and keep animals and take advantage of every lifestyle opportunity the rural area has to offer.
“The owners of this block have been utilising it as a transport hub for some time now, only seeking to formalise the arrangement through their development application. I have already heard reports of industrial activity on the property disturbing neighbours.
“When considering planning issues in established residential areas, great care should be taken to ensure that local character, environment quality and amenity are not significantly eroded and that the proposed developments will respect the adjacent housing and safeguard the privacy and health of existing residents.
“Historically, zoning in the rural area has been poor and ad hoc. As these neighbourhoods and communities develop in our rural area, residential expectations of zoning need to improve. Government agencies and statutory bodies need to be consistent in their decision making to give security to those who have purchased their property in good faith.
“This erosion of amenity of the rural area also presents the possibility of unfairly disadvantaging those who live in proximity to industrial blocks, their property values undermined. This is not just relevant to the rural a rea, but also for the industrial area of Alice Springs, where property values could be diminished by the prevalence of less costly rural alternatives.
“In no capacity am I anti-business. I fully support businesses in the rural area, so long as they do not impact on the amenity and enjoyment of the rural lifestyle.
“I am aware that there is currently some land available at the Brewer Estate and at the airport, I would strongly encourage the applicant to consider these as viable alternatives.
“Those who live in the rural area of Alice Springs make up more than a fifth of Namatjira residents. They are an integral part of the Alice Springs community who draw great enjoyment from the wonderful space and serenity that the rural area offers.
“It is of upmost importance to me, that the quality of life and wellbeing of these residents are not marred by the industrialisation of our rural area.”



  1. Does Mr Paech ever have an opinion on something other than the NBN or land use?
    Why doesn’t he actually focus on providing a viable option to businesses such as pushing forward the supposed release of industrial land that the government has been promising for many years?
    Doesn’t he, Mr Gunner or Minister Lawler realise that the lack of land and a history of bad planning decisions have led us to this point?
    Mr Paech and the government say they support business yet they are not even willing to discuss or mediate options or provide sustainable smart alternatives to business owners.
    The airport and Brewer Estate are NOT smart business alternatives. The airport is a 10 year lease option which is overpriced and Brewer Estate requires a long-winded application process and is simply too far out of town.
    Alice Springs has enough issues without Mr Paech and the government treating honest, hard working local born and bred Alice Springs business owners as criminals because they are trying to make a living.
    How dare they form an opinion or make assumptions without asking business operators face to face what is or is not happening on their land.
    Instead they listen to the inflated opinions of others.
    Mr Paech has no idea of the negative impact and knock-on effect that his comments in the media have on the business owners who operate businesses in the rural area. Mr Paech needs to get real and start representing all of his constituents.
    Oh, and my final comment is to the self appointed Rural Residents Association who really need to look in their own backyards before commenting on or having an opinion on business operators and their permit applications to the DCA.
    Regards from a very annoyed rural resident business owner in the electorate of Namatjira.

  2. Whilst I support the MLA of Namatjira’s opposition to commercial use of rural zoned properties out at Ilparpa, I’d like to query if any concerns have been raised about NT Labor’s proposal to use land adjacent to Arid Zone Research Centre for the location of a new juvenile detention facility.
    Whilst it may be beneficial moving forward to create a more suitable detention facility, I hold concerns for residents of Kilgariff, Conellan, Ilparpa and Ross, due to its close proximity to these suburbs of the MLA’s electorate.
    Would the MLA be able to confirm if this proposal is still on the table or if another site has been deemed more suitable?
    Likewise, when can we expect to see this proposal open up for community feedback?

  3. Mr Paech is simply doing his job as the Member for Namatjira and listening to the residents who are fed up with this operation.
    A business that is operating despite not gaining DCA approval.
    A business that has a direct impact on the lifestyle of rural residents in the area.
    A business that doesn’t fit the Rural zoning.
    Mr Paech is within his rights to listen to the “inflated opinion of others” who want to live and have made sacrifices to do so, in a rural lifestyle without relentless groaning of this industrial pollution.
    Thank goodness for the likes of Mr Paech who is willing to listen to the likes of the Rural Residents Area Association, because the DCA and this government sure as hell aren’t listening.

  4. I agree with Mr Paech but also agree that there is limited land available for businesses such as this NT Link one being mentioned.
    However, this business owner has gone about this arrogantly and has not once factored in residents of the Ilparpa / White Gums community.
    Mr Paech mentions he is not against businesses that are home based and neither am I, but the scale of this industrial operation is extreme, counting 120 portable home being stored on site at one point.
    They’ve moved from a perfectly decent commercial zoned location, why?
    This article doesn’t explain the hours this business has been running, creating dust and noise that travels through the Ilparpa valley over weekends and public holidays.
    We are experiencing five oversized road trains turning off onto Ilparpa Road at one time, alterations have had to be made to their driveway because it couldn’t handle the heavy vehicles. Come and have a look at the damaged road outside of this driveway yourself.
    The Brewer Estate maybe be a more difficult process to apply for but, hey, why not simply purchase a rural block of land much less than a commercial block in cost and rates, carry out operations without respect to surrounding residents for a term of six months now, clear the vegetation and as their application mentions they will not be reestabliahing any of it.
    Not even a courtesy neighbourhood visit to advise what will be going ahead. I mean who gives a crap when you’ve got a business to run and you simply leave at the end of the day to your own peaceful rural home.
    We are a small business owner and understand the hard work that goes into keeping it going.
    We use our block for our business on occasions but the NT Link one mentioned here is a massive business located through the NT and would be fully aware of the consequences he would have on the surrounding residents, but obviously does not care!
    Then the application states only what they plan to do until July 2019, so what happens after this date?

  5. A person very close to this operation said a month or so ago, I don’t think the people of Ilparpa are happy with us at the moment, but the government just needs to get its zoning right.
    I.e. we have established an industrial business there so the law should change to suit us.


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