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2555 Beanie Fest 7 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
With 7000 beanies up for sale, 4000 people through the gate already since last night’s opening, and the weather pretty cold, this year’s festival of the warm and quirky headwear looks set to break last year’s sale gross of $178,000.
2555 Phil Walcott OKAnd festival director Phil Walcott (pictured) says: “We captured some really good feedback from surveys.”
Last year the beanies sold for between $15 and $2000 on one side of Araluen.
On the other the artistic side of beanie making is again celebrated, in the art gallery.
One exhibitor, Kristian Malinski (below) is proving that blokes can make beanies, too: His masterpiece, inspired by the star sign Aquarius, was snapped up by a buyer this morning.
2555 Beanie Fest 5 OKMeanwhile three of these four Mini Binie makers (from left, Katharine Jordan, Shirley Yates, Helen Hunter and Kirsten Yates) are from Melbourne and Kingscliff NSW (Ms Hunter).
UPDATE July 5 7.30am
The festival sold 4642 beanies in three and a half days, raising a record $193,000. 70% of that goes to the makers of the beanies, and the remainder is for expenses and training, including in bush communities.
Average prices are around $50 but one sold for $1200 and another was priced at $2900 (maybe so it won’t be sold).
It is the biggest beanie festival in the world, and the longest beanie stretches a few times around the exhibition room at Araluen.
2555 Beanie Fest 2 OK


  1. Thanks for the coverage, Erwin.
    It was an on-going pleasure to be part of such a vibrant team of volunteers who worked so tirelessly to create yet another fantastic festival.
    We’d like to thank the thousands of locals and visitors who took time out to visit the festival (many on more than one occasion)to engage in the community spirit it inspires and celebrate the essence of Beanie magic.
    We look forward to our 23rd birthday event in June next year.


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