Mayor comments on code of conduct, Anzac Oval


p2343-Damien-Ryan-2By ERWIN CHLANDA
Mayor Damien Ryan (pictured) says he has no knowledge of any code of conduct breaches within the Town Council as suggested to the Alice Springs News Online by credible sources.
He says there is no code of conduct action being brought against him nor is he bringing one against anyone else.
He says it is not an issue that would be communicated to him nor to the council: “I read your story and somebody seems to know all about it. Maybe they should tell you. I haven’t been notified by anybody. I wouldn’t expect to be.
“It’s an issue that’s managed by the department [of local government]. I don’t know anything about it.
“I have never seen the code of conduct. The department has no responsibility of calling other members of the council.
“If somebody is telling you [something] that they need to say what it is. We’d all love to know. If they just tell things and say I can’t tell you why, it’s pretty pathetic. That’s a sad indictment of whoever is leaking to you,” says Mayor Ryan.
“Who are they? It’s easy for them to make a silly comment to you like that … they have to stop hiding behind your skirt.
“If I was the person who had done something they [the department] would write to me. I haven’t got a letter.”
NEWS: Is what you are saying that nobody has complained against you and you haven’t complained against anyone?
RYAN: No, no, no. What I am saying is, if I have a code of conduct I would know. I’ve never had a code of conduct.
NEWS: You are not aware of any complaint about you and neither had you complained about anyone?
RYAN: No, no, no. Don’t make a story about nothing. I am saying I don’t know anything about codes of conduct. You asked me who has lodged a code of conduct and I am saying I don’t know.
NEWS: It now seems clear that that the government is determined to build the Indigenous art gallery on Anzac Oval.
RYAN: It’s never been on Anzac Oval. On the old highschool site. Council has asked the Chief Minister to meet with us. We have council on Monday night. Hopefully I got some answers on that.
NEWS: The oval is owned by the council but the school site is not?
RYAN: That’s been clear from the beginning. We’ve never had anything to do with the old school site.
NEWS: And the planned gallery will not encroach upon the land that’s owned by the council. Is that the case?
RYAN: I don’t know that answer. Council was asked to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding. It wasn’t agreed to. Since then council has asked the Chief Minister to meet with them.
NEWS: What if the gallery plans include the council-owned oval? What would you say?
RYAN: I look forward to the discussion with the Chief Minister when he takes up our invitation.
NEWS: So at this point it is not clear if the plans include part of the oval?
RYAN: I can’t answer that.


  1. @ Chris2: I have no opinion on the subject, because I do not have the facts.
    However, I know that if you have to insult or mock someone, you should have the guts to use your name.
    If you cannot, zip the lip.

  2. I’m with Mayor Ryan on this code of conduct thing. If someone has something to say, let them say it.
    I’m not with Mayor Ryan on the site of the proposed art gallery (and cultural centre?). I don’t think the base of Anzac Hill is the best location.

  3. Thanks a lot, Erwin. Now I cannot shake the image of Sargent Schulz, from that popular 70s television show Hogan’s Heroes, saying: “I know nothing!”


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