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Harts Range to Stuart Highway to be "all bitumen"

2494 Outback Way 1Nearly 20 kilometres of the Plenty Highway, which is part of the 2,800-kilometre Outback Way, is going to be sealed at a cost of $20m to the Federal Government, according to Senator Nigel Scullion.
Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matthew Canavan says this is part of the Australian Government’s $170m commitment to the Outback Way.
NT Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison says the section would be constructed to a two-lane sealed standard, providing “a fully sealed connection between the community at Harts Range to the Stuart Highway”.
The contract for construction of the first package of works has been awarded to Exact Contracting Pty Ltd for $12.6m.
The full project will be funded on an 80:20 basis with the Australian Government contributing up to $20m and the Northern Territory Government contributing up to $5m, says Ms Manison.
UPDATE June 18
Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormak says work on the Plenty Highway upgrade project is expected to be complete in early 2019, weather permitting.
“The project will seal 20 kilometres of the road to a two-lane seal.
“On completion, the section of the Plenty Highway between the Stuart Highway and Harts Range will be continuously sealed.
“The works will provide flood resilience and reduce the need for vehicle weight restrictions and road closure after heavy rainfall, which will improve access for Indigenous communities as well as the pastoral and tourism industries.”


  1. WHY? One of the biggest attractions to the centre is the ruggedness. Sealing outback roads just makes the Centre just another place.

  2. In reply to Surprised. There are plenty of rugged roads around Alice Springs without having the Plenty Highway one of them.
    A lot of business people (including stations) would use this road to get their goods from Queensland and also sending cattle to Queensland. As the road becomes rugged each year they have to go to Tennant and onto Mt Isa-Winton etc. Winton is 450 kilometres closer if you go through Boulia, so imagine how much money is saved each trip.

  3. @ Surprised: I am not surprised. I know by experience (tour operator and personal guide), that the big tour companies which think only of dollars, make demands, but kill the goose laying golden eggs.


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