Fracking moratorium lift welcomed by Opposition


p2239-Gary-Higgins-2LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Today’s announcement that the Labor government has lifted its moratorium on onshore shale gas should now be met with urgent implementation of recommendations to ensure certainty and confidence for Territorians, the Territory economy and industry.
While I welcomed the decision the time it has taken for the Labor government to show some leadership  meant missed opportunity for the Territory.
For the past 21 months, this moratorium has stalled investment and job prospects in the Northern Territory.
Put simply, the moratorium has duplicated findings from previous reports and reviews, and stalled much needed economic certainty and opportunity.
The Opposition has faith in the Northern Territory public service to develop, implement and monitor the regulations.
It is now time to unlock the gate and get on with a well-regulated onshore shale gas industry.
Gary Higgins (pictured)
Leader of the Opposition


  1. Gary Higgins is showing his true colours.
    Several months ago he convened a forum in Katherine. Despite it being very well advertised only four people turned up, one of whom is a Country Liberal stalwart.
    Gary made it clear that he was aware that the vast majority of his constituents were opposed to fracking and that although he personally supported fracking he would always support his constituents.
    I wrote to Gary asking him to confirmn this in writing but I received no repy.
    A month ago Gary put forward a motion in Parliament calling for the immediate lifting of the moratorium.
    The motion was defeated when all Labor MLAs voted against it.
    Gary is now openly abandoning his constituents.


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