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Lewis died as his former position was being discussed: Source

The position from which Country Liberal Party (CLP) heavy Graeme Lewis had recently retired was being discussed at the party’s central council meeting yesterday, in his presence, when he passed away.
The Alice Springs News Online obtained the following wording of the motion being debated: “That Central Council does not proceed to the election of General Secretary and leaves the position vacant until Annual Conference 2018. That Management Committee review the position duties and responsibilities and whether such a position is required. An item be placed on the Agenda for the next Annual Conference to determine whether the position of General Secretary remains in the Constitution of the Country Liberals.”
A reliable source says this motion had been placed on the agenda prior to the week-end conference.
The motion was moved by Danny Skews and seconded by Stevie Swan.
It is understood that Mr Lewis was denied a Central Delegate position and consequently had no right to speak at the meeting.
The News is seeking comment from the CLP.


  1. What a woeful story, let’s hope this is not true and that the administration of the CLP weren’t targeting a 78 year old life member of the party.


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