Art gallery consultation flawed: Opposition


2524 art gallery house of cardsLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Opposition supports the exciting development of a National Aboriginal Art Gallery, to be built in Alice Springs, however notes that the government has failed to genuinely consult with the community in relation to the site on which the gallery will be built.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build an iconic national landmark and we would expect that the Labor government communicated the full details of the proposal to the community, prior to making a decision on the location for the gallery.
We would have expected that in-principle terms of agreement with key stakeholders, including traditional owners, Alice Springs Town Council and the sporting community would have been done prior to the announcement.
This would have provided a detailed and true understanding of the proposal, supported by key stakeholders, upon which the broader community could have had its say.
I am disappointed that the government has not taken the Alice Springs community on the journey to achieve this important project.
We also note the government has ignored the recommendation of the project’s Steering Committee, which recommended Alice Springs Desert Park as the location for the gallery.
Gary Higgins
Leader of the Opposition


  1. Yesterday, at the launch of the 2018 big infrastructure spending projects, the Anzac Hill Precinct site was declared to be the “preferred location” for the iconic National Indigenous Art Gallery. Preferred by whom, is my question.
    It seems that the government ignored the recommendation of the steering committee. Why then having a steering committee and expert advice?
    How can one decide on the site when there are still uncertainties about its use: ATSI Art, yes for sure, but language and culture are still under discussion.
    How does the new building, to stay for good, will fit in the future development of our town? The issue of long term town planning is still unanswered.

  2. Maya, you know very well that under tyranny government it is: express your wishes and you will be shot. In a democracy it is keep talking … talking … talking … we do not care.

  3. Maya, in true government style, they often fail to accurately consult.
    They have a piece of paper with a few notes, one of them is a box marked “Consulted with x”. (x being business, public etc).
    When they are sitting in the Qantas lounge on their way home, one of the group tick the box and then they can confidently say they consulted with x.
    I have experienced this several times with their procurement policies and immigration, hence I don’t attend anymore, because I find them insulting.
    It is unfortunate that this government along with many, are allowed to get away with it, but the only resolution is if the voters make the change at the election and once in power, keep the pollies open and honest.
    At the end of the day, this government does what it wants when it wants.


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