Unfolding story: Kids race ute through town


An estimated eight to 10 children were jammed into an apparently stolen light-coloured four door utility with a canopy over the tray which was doing wheelies on the Anzac Oval carpark close to 8pm yesterday.
Their screaming had drawn the attention of everyone in the vicinity. A small crowd of children were at the carpark, screaming back at them, and several vehicles were parked there.
This was the scenario when my wife and I entered the town after a walk to the Telegraph Station.
The ute was then driven onto Wills Terrace at high speed. It ran a red light at the Leichhardt Terrace intersection before speeding across the causeway towards Undoolya Road and the Eastside, tyres screeching and gears crunching.
The screams of the children inside the vehicle were a mixture exhilaration and fury.
They were gesticulating through the open car windows to horrified onlookers in the street outside the Todd Tavern.
These included a group of Aboriginal adults, who commented, “kids” and “stolen car” and wanted the police to be called. We did.
Anzac Oval is the preferred location by some for the National Indigenous Art Gallery to cost more than $50m.
Police say they will make a statement, and we will keep updating this report.
UPDATE 1:35pm: Police say they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident.
UPDATE 3:10pm March 13: Police released the following: “The offenders are in custody. Police cannot comment further.”


  1. On Saturday evening my wife and I attended a 6pm screening at the Alice Cinema. When parking in the Target car park, we passed up several available and convenient spaces to position our car as close as possible to the cinema and, hopefully, watchful eyes.
    Now ask yourself what sort of a town are we living in that makes such considerations necessary?
    The next morning, when walking thru the Todd Mall Markets, I noticed Dale Wakefield, NT Minister for Territory Families, standing at the NT Labor tables. She was beaming out to all as only politicians do, seemingly oblivious to the trainwreck she has made of her portfolio.

  2. We all hear that Hal. We need to speak out and tell Dale to her face every time anyone sees her, then maybe she might do more.
    I wonder what will happen when/if the kids are caught. Don’t waste police time investigating, the courts will let them off with a stern talking to, then give them a couple of days and it will happen again.
    I feel sorry for the hard working police, it must be really discouraging seeing what happens.

  3. Was this one of the cars stolen from Congress? Why is there no police media release about this?


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