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Road Transport Hall of Fame is saved

Talks between the National Transport Hall of Fame and NT Government instrumentalities have “forged a way forward” for the icon after years of bitter conflict, now turning the society into a corporation, according to Chief Executive Liz Martin (above, with the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame).
She says her resignation stands but she has agreed to assist with the appointment of a new general manager and the subsequent handover.
She will continue to help the society with various activities including publications, promotional activities, truck shows and annual reunions.
Ms Martin says in a statement to the Alice Springs News Online: “The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and I thank everyone who has assisted in various ways.
“After talks with Department of Business and Licensing NT, Jim Hurley, Mike Crawford, Sherrill Ives and I raise a glass to the future.
“It is business as usual at the museum. The annual truckies reunion planned for August 24 to 26 will also go ahead, albeit with reduced numbers given the lateness of starting this year.
“The weeks ahead will be very busy as the organisation researches options for transitioning itself to a corporation.”
Being a corporation will be a “better fit” given the society’s operations on a national level with interstate members and committee whilst still enabling the museum in Alice Springs to continue to grow.
“While there are still some hurdles to jump the society is confident that the future is strong,” says Ms Martin.
”We ask the town of Alice Springs and its people to consider becoming more involved either as volunteers or on the committee.
“We want to improve the ratio of intra to interstate members.

2040 Transport Hall of Fame parade CAT
2040 Transport Hall of Fame parade CAT

“Currently just 1% of our membership is based in Alice Springs. As we move forward into a new era and a changing dynamic we will need additional help with day to day activities, fundraising and operations as well as with governance and compliance.
“We also ask our members Australia wide to do their research and look at structural options.”
Ms Martin says her preference at this point is for a Public Company Limited by Guarantee but she will be looking at other possible entities: ”Ultimately any decision will need to be approved by Licensing NT so it is crucial we get this right.”
The management committee will soon call a special general meeting to put a motion to change the structure of the organisation.
“Member input is vital to the right outcome,” she says.
“To vote you must be financial and we encourage you to renew your membership in a timely manner and invite you, if you’re not already a member, to please consider joining and helping make this transisition as smooth as possible.”
NOTE: Ms Martin says Jim Hurley is the Kenworth rep on the board and has been for 15 years. He is the biggest Kenworth dealer in Australia. Mike Crawford is from CMV in Adelaide and also represents Kenworth. “He’s been a member since day one.” Sherrill Ives is the vice chair and is an ex school principal from Tasmania. She lives on site and has managed the volunteer program for nearly 10 years.


  1. This is great news to start the day. The lingering question in my mind is why the situation was allowed to get to the point where this major attraction was under imminent threat of being significantly reduced, and possibly under threat of closure.
    Why endure the aggravation of crisis and emergency before action is taken to achieve a reasonable and satisfactory resolution for all involved?
    Surely this outcome could have been negotiated in a more congenial and reasonable manner than apparently was the case.
    However, at least this asset for Alice Springs looks set to be saved and for that we must be grateful.

  2. Fantastic. Well said Alex. This helps to curb my rising cynicism.
    Too many bureaucrats are quick to squeeze their little bags of power but so very slow to offer genuine help.
    Few understand what it’s like in Liz Martin’s world or comprehend even remotely the difficulties faced by small enterprises.
    The term tall poppy is wholly inadequate for Liz but thankfully she’s NOT going to be sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity just yet.

  3. Wonderful news. Hopefully the NT Government will also help the museum to deal with the ongoing and detrimental impact of vandalism on and around the precinct.
    And hopefully the volunteers arrangements to camp at the site will also be upheld.

  4. Pull your finger out NT Government. You should be investing a lot more into this kind of thing! It’s an attraction and a national treasure.


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