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Better reporting, it's a PROMIS no longer: Police

2499 Anzac cops 450By ERWIN CHLANDA
Northern Territory Police are in the process of replacing the ageing PROMIS (Police Realtime Online Management Information System) which, amongst other functions, records complaints from the public and tracks dealings with them.
This will cost $45m over four years with $8.6m to be spent this fiancial year.
A reliable source says the system to be acquired is off the shelf, and in use in Queensland, several states of the US, England and Wales. Some modules are operational in South Australia.
The new system will allow “interoperability” with linked police forces able to check notes quickly and easily.
PROMIS has been used here since the 1980s and there have been recent hiccups when the force had to resort to backups.
Meanwhile it seems the new Liquor Commission, legislated last week with government working to finalise its membership, will have to hit the ground running.
A well-informed source says there have been several reports of breaches by liquor licensees in Alice Springs that have not been acted upon.
It is believed that Licensing NT is waiting for the commission to get going so the cases can be handed over.
The Liquor Commission was scrapped by the former CLP Government. In its new iteration it “will apply a new public interest and community impact test to decisions, striking the balance between industry and community needs,” according to Natasha Fyles, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for Health.
UPDATE 5:20pm February 16
Licensing NT made the following statement today:-
Following a multi-agency operation in Alice Springs involving Licensing NT Liquor Inspectors in December 2017 and January 2018, four complaints were accepted by the Director-General of Licensing NT.
A further two complaints have been accepted in relation to the operation of Banned Drinker Register equipment.
This is a total of six complaints.
Two of these complaints are about compliance with Banned Drinker Register requirements. Three complaints are about compliance with Responsible Service of Alcohol requirements. One complaint is about compliance with licence conditions.
All of the complaints are being investigated in accordance with the Liquor Act.


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