And now: Car invasion


A 63-year-old woman was driving out of Aneura Place when she was stopped by a woman standing in the middle of the road just before 7pm last night.
The woman got into the passenger side of the car and threatened the driver, according to police who are calling for witnesses.
The driver got out of the car and the offender drove some 700 metres before crashing into a tree and fence on Spearwood Road.
Police say 28-year-old woman is currently assisting police with their enquiries.
She is of Aboriginal appearance, 150cm tall, slim build and was wearing dirty cropped denim shorts and a maroon bikini tank top.
Meanwhile a man was charged who was involved in three separate incidents of stealing over the weekend.
Police received reports of food and vehicle theft by a man from a service station on Larapinta Drive on Saturday around 6:30pm.
Police say it will be alleged the same man stole a second vehicle from a residence in East Side around 2pm on Sunday before stealing a third vehicle from a Flynn Drive Shopping Centre shortly after.
Police have recovered all three vehicles.
The man is scheduled to appear before the Alice Springs Local Court today.
Police have apprehended four youths following the unlawful use of a motor vehicle in Alice Springs earlier today following reports of a car carrying four females travelling at speed down the Todd Mall around 9:30am.
The stolen motor vehicle was later seen by police on Lovegrove Drive, heading south.
The car was stopped on Bradshaw Drive after the successful application of a tyre deflation device.
Police arrested the youth in the vicinity of Tom Brown Roundabout shortly after.
Four females, one 14 years-old and three aged 15 years are currently assisting police with their enquiries.
Detective Acting Superintendent Peter Dash said police received multiple phone calls from members of the public who reported the vehicle driving dangerously.
“We would like to thank everyone who assisted us by being our eyes on the ground and calling Police 131 444,” he said.


  1. When I was a lad and in the cubs and later scouts, we were hammered with the words “Be Prepared”.
    So now that I am older and try to be prepared, does that mean I should make sure all the car doors are locked when I’m driving and carry a big stick in the car and carry it when I’m walking with my dog?
    I am sure that if I was stopped by the police and they saw my stick, I would be charged with some offence.
    So, I guess I have to wait til I have been assaulted … before any “action” is taken.
    As usual, we have to wait till we are accosted or assaulted before anything “happens”. Nothing happens as a result as the do-gooders stand in the way of real justice.
    I’m not really a fan of carrying a heavy blunt object, but I am less of a fan being accosted or assaulted by a group of mongrels.
    So much for being prepared 🙂


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