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Batchelor negotiating major government contract

2479 Batchelor 1 450By ERWIN CHLANDA
Both contracts of the Batcherlor Institute with the NT Government are near their end.
The institute, which has been in turmoil for some time, received $11,210,530 in 2016/17 from the Department of Trade Business and Innovation.
The department says it “is negotiating the 2018 VET training plan with Batchelor Institute as per usual”.
Asked if the work will go to public tender the department says: “Recurrent funding provided through the Department of Trade Business and Innovation to NT’s public providers is negotiated directly.”
The Department of Education says it will have an “open procurement process for which the Batchelor Institute will be able to apply”.
That contract is for training assistant teachers in very remote schools.
“Details of this tender are commercial in confidence,” the department says, because it is a contract for service.
As we have reported earlier, in 2013 Batchelor had a budget of $41.5m, including $16.3m from the Feds, $15.3m from the NT, the rest from fees, charges and contracts. Aboriginal students pay no course fees.
Batchelor would provide no further information.


  1. Why don’t the Aboriginal students pay any fees? White man had to.
    What makes them so privileged, considering the diplomas are handed out willy nelly. Why is the government funding this. Why not the Indigenous corporations.


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