Fewer police boots on the ground: Union.


Sir – The police annual report 2016-17 shows a clear deficiency in boots on the ground resources, echoing the on-going sentiment and concerns of the NT Police Association.
For year end 2016-17, the full time equivalent (FTE) count is reported at 1403.26, down from 1412.18 the previous year (2015-16).
Senior ranks of superintendent and above have increased by more than 20% FTE, to the clear detriment of resources on the beat.
The bottom line is, the amount of police servicing the Territory, as per latest figures, is going backwards.
Management is vital to the success of the Police Force but these figures are farcical.
Increasing management may be necessary at times, but should never come at the cost of frontline response capability, which is clearly happening in our police force.
We call on the Commissioner of Police to explain why this is the case.
Police officers rely on facts and these numbers do not lie.
Our police are struggling, working extreme amounts of overtime and being rostered to work at remote police stations alone, all resourced focused concerns that must be addressed as a priority.
Paul McCue (pictured)
NT Police Association President
[ED – We are seeking comment from the police.]


  1. Aboriginal police for remote areas – not their hometowns. Seems worth a try?

  2. Sorry Paul, there is more of a need for police to be “Bottle Shop Cops”.
    That way, they prevent more break and enters and other crimes against the community, just by standing still in one place all day checking Indigenous people’s credentials.
    You should know this is backed up by our illustrious parliamentarians, they have listened to the community, not you mate, so suck it up.

  3. This town has become a 24 hour a day 7 day a week policing nightmare.
    The police are so overstretched that it becomes problematic if it is worth picking the phone up to call in crime.
    This is how low we have sunk in the last five years.
    Meanwhile our seldom seen leader Mr Gunner fires of machine gun rhetoric and assures us in Alice Springs things are in hand. Not true!
    This town is in freefall decline with those that can pulling up stumps. Those that can’t are sentenced to a life of near anarchy. Little or no business confidence or investment and a population of good people crying out for leadership and answers.
    We will never advance while so many of us focus on survival. Do something, Gunner and Co.

  4. Can’t see what the problem is. We have more police per capita of any other towns. Perhaps new leadership is warranted. Even the best soliders are useless without good leadership.
    I agree with Chris that the town is going backwards and the people are leaving.
    I don’t believe this is Gunner’s problem, It’s the police. Obviously their police methods are not working.


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