Only 3 of Turnbull's 38 northern roads started, all in Qld


p2414 Tanami Road 2More than two years after announcing two major programs aimed at improving roads across Northern Australia, the Turnbull Government has commenced work on only three out of 38 funded projects, according to evidence before a Senate Estimates Committee.
And all three of them are in Queensland, says Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Tourism.
“Just as the Government has failed to invest a single dollar on its Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF), it is also failing to deliver on its Northern Australia Roads Program and the Northern Australia Beef Roads Program,” he says in a statement today.
“According to Budget documents, the Government committed to invest $100m on the Northern Australia Roads Program in its 2016-17 Budget. In fact, it invested $12m.
“Even worse, it failed spend a single dollar on its Northern Australia Beef Roads program, despite having committed to invest $35m.
“While Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce frequently boasts about the two programs as evidence of the Nationals’ clout, 35 projects have not left the drawing board.”
Mr Albanese says: “Over its first three budgets, the Government invested $3.9b less on infrastructure than promised.”


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