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Hundreds of empty plastic wine bottles in Todd

2485 rubbish in Todd 6 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Hundreds of empty plastic liquor bottles are strewn across the bed of the Todd River downstream from The Gap causeway.
Almost all of the bottles are labelled Poker Face Chardonnay wine.
These are available from the United Heavitree Gap bottle shop about two minutes’ walk away, on the eastern bank of the river.
They are sold from boxes in the bottle department at a cost of $10. That brand is available interstate for $6.99.
A spokesman for United, Dave Szymczak, when asked to comment, did not deny that the brand was being sold by the store but said it is operating in full compliance with liquor licensing laws and it cooperates with the police.
“We are aware of the drinking problem in Alice Sprigs,” Mr Szymczak said. “We are not in a position to control illegal drinking.”
He said the company would consider initiatives and would advise the Alice Springs News Online when any decision has been made.
2485 rubbish in Todd OKPolice Commander Michael White told the News that officers are continued to be deployed at Temporary Beat Locations – locally referred to as “cops at bottle shops”  – since the introduction of the Banned Drinkers Register, but their presence is subject to operational requirements.
“NT Police are absolutely committed to working in partnership with other government agencies, and the community, to limit the supply of alcohol to vulnerable people,” said Commander White.
“We continue to target and combat the secondary supply of alcohol.”


  1. Millions of years ago before plastic bottles were all the rage we had problems with “goon bags” and their cardboard containers being dumped everywhere.
    But even before that there were these awesome two litre flagons made of glass which were excellent for smashing on the ground once finished with and their other amazing use was to inflict serious injury after being used as a weapon.
    I guess this is progress.

  2. @ Laurence (Posted October 10, 2017 at 4:45 pm): Your comment reminds me of an anecdote from 1969 about a major shopping centre development project for the Todd River bank beside the town centre proposed by a South Australian business consortium.
    The proposed development was discussed at a meeting of the Town Management Board which was attended by the managing director of the company Allumba Development who was seeking approval for this project.
    District Officer Dan Conway inquired about the origin of the name “Allumba Town Centre” for this development proposal, to which the company’s director responded vaguely that “he thought somebody looked up the name and it had something to do with water in arid places.”
    TMB member and prominent local businessman Reg Harris quipped in reply: “Why don’t you call it Tintara Park after all the flagons in that part of the river?”
    Ah huh, that’s almost 50 years ago.

  3. Put the same 10 cent deposit / refund on plastic wine bottles as is on all other drink containers, and they would soon be collected.

  4. Thank you Alex: I enjoyed this anecdote from our colourful past but I can’t help but wonder if Allumba was a play on the brand name Yalumba. It fits with the vague “water in arid places” reference.

  5. How ridiculous! Why seek comment from the police? Why not seek comments from ASTC, AAPA or those responsible? Or have police taken over the rates, rubbish and roads. Must have missed that media release.

  6. Hi Scarlett, we gave the right of reply to the retailer and we reported his response. We asked police to comment because they, if they are present at the bottle shop, enquire with some purchasers of liquor where they intend to consume it. If the nominated location is a place where drinking of alcohol is prohibited, such as the Todd River, the liquor is usually confiscated.
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor

  7. How could this be after so many moons have passed? Must be a cultural thing I guess. What happens long term is always culture, is it not?

  8. I must give that shop their due. I was there to buy milk some weeks ago and saw a fight break out at the bus stop, which diverted the attention of the two police members.
    While they were gone, some people thought to use the diversion to purchase some alcohol that they may have otherwise been denied.
    A quick thinking staff member simply announced the grog-shop was closed, despite the protest “we can make you a lot of money”.
    Whatever side of this battleground our opinions stand, there didn’t need to be more chaos than what was already occurring outside that afternoon.


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