Batchelor probe into just two of 65 qualifications

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Batchelor interim CEO Kim Jenkinson says the probe into the institute by the Australian Skills Quality Authority is looking into the recognition of prior learning processes for two of the institute’s 65 qualifications.
He says these are the only matters being examinated by the authority. He declined naming the qualifications “because that’s part of the investigation”.
Mr Jenkinson freely answered a question the institute had been stonewalling for some time: How many graduates move into mainstream jobs and hold them for a year to more?
He says he’s not aware of any registered training organisation in Australia that collects post-training histories of students.
The National Centre for Vocational Education and Research carries out satisfaction surveys of students as well as employers: “They do the sampling for pretty much all training institutions across Australia, including employment destinations.
“The data is territory and state based but no registered training organisations are specifically identified. It is survey data at the highest aggregate level.
“We don’t keep that data at this point in time but it’s probably a good area to look into.”
Batchelor Institute had 3287 students in 2016 when it received $33m from governments, the NT kicking in $16.4m and $16.6m came from Canberra. The total income was $41.3m.
Operating losses grew from $3.1m in 2015 to more than double – $6.8m – for last year. Employee expenses were $29.6m.
Mr Jenkinson says “for the next few months” until the appointment of a permanent CEO his task is to ensure “that teaching and learning and outcomes for Indigenous students continue” – whether they come from the NT or elsewhere in Australia.
PHOTO from the institute’s 2016 annual report: Deputy CEO Dorothy Morrison with Defence Indigenous Development Program graduate Private Breana Miller.


  1. Give Batchelor a break!
    Any $$ flowing into our town are a very good thing.
    Batchelor is a major employer and supports many local businesses.
    It also performs a social justice function.
    Need a home for a while?
    No need to enrol, just move in. No questions asked.
    Hungry? Turn up and eat a wholesome meal.
    Need to wash your clothes?
    The Batchelor laundry will oblige for free.
    Of course Batchelor need to cut corners to get paid for graduating students.
    So what?
    Batchelor quals only support Aboriginal people to get identified positions in Aboriginal organisations.
    All other employers are well aware the quals are worthless so there is no risk that graduates will be employed.
    All in all Batchelor is an asset and should be supported.


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