How will you keep me out of the camps, Walter?


Sir – Unlike Mr Shaw’s position as CEO, which was gained through a coup leading to the overthrow of the previous CEO while he was out of town, the Alice Springs community democratically elected me to my position.
I have always maintained that I represent my constituents of all backgrounds and not restricted to indigenous or non-indigenous.
Shaw bullying his way into power has since been on public record with his threat of putting me on notice and name calling myself, Professor Marcia Langton and Lawyer Josephine Cashman as “oxygen thieves” following our National Press Club address on violence against Aboriginal women and children.
I would be interested to know why and how Shaw intends to block me from being involved in town camps considering a lot of my family live in them.
I have recently pledged to assist with any town camps who would like to see improvements made to their community centers in order to have spaces for their youth and children to utilize for their own creativity.
This was something the women of Alice Springs, both indigenous and non-indigenous, town campers and other residents, came up with in order to positively counteract the issues of youth crime and young ones on our streets late at night.
This has also been endorsed by the youth behavior group, which was formed after a public forum held by Wayne Thompson earlier this year. Are we women of Alice Springs all oxygen thieves, Walter, because we want what’s best for our children, women and men?
It is evident to me that Shaw is incapable of leading an organization that is supposed to support Aboriginal people positively and constructively if he only wants to lash out negatively toward an Aboriginal woman highlighting critical issues and working to unify division in our community.
Let’s not forget, Walter, that you earn a tax payer funded salary close to that of a Minster of the Crown, yet you live in subsidized housing in a town camp while housing is scarce and waiting lists are long for welfare recipients and low income earners.
If you can constructively point out to me why I should not enter town camps to visit my family, or work with the residents to create better opportunities for them, then along with the rest of the community I might be able to better understand where you’re coming from.
Otherwise this appalling behavior appears to be your ego leading you to make such ridiculous comments.
Perhaps you should have waited for your ghostwriter Mandy Taylor to write you something a little less angry and a little more constructive than your unpublished rant.
Please leave your ego out of all of this and focus on your highly paid job Walter. God knows you’re only showing everyone your true colours. I do not bow down to bullies.
Jacinta Price
Alice Springs


  1. Work to better the people’s circumstances and call out the bigots for who they really are. You have my vote.

  2. Mr Shaw should be removed for his outrages comments. What kinds of example is he setting for others? A level of maturity should be required for such a position.

  3. Why pushing for a combat instead of pushing for reconciliation?
    “To injure an opponent is to injure yourself. To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace.”
    Morihei Ueshiba.


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