Cops at bottle shops must stay: Lambley

p2351 Robyn Lambley OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – In Parliamentary question time today the Chief Minister could not clearly assure Territorians that the Temporary Beat Locations (TBLs) or “police outside of bottle shops” would remain a permanent fixture in Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek.
The Chief Minister guaranteed that the Banned Drinkers Register [currently being re-introduced] was permanent but refrained from describing TBLs as permanent. He described the policing of bottle shops or TBLs as being subject to police being available, rather than a police priority.
In the June sittings of the NT Parliament the Chief Minister stated that the TBLs would not be reduced or scrapped. Today in Parliament his commitment to retaining full coverage of the TBLs was vague and elusive.
The former CLP Government was 100% supportive of the TBLs, the most effective alcohol management strategy we have seen in Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek.
This Labor Government simply does not understand how effective the TBLs have been and the profound difference they have made to life in these regional centres.
My support of the Banned Drinkers Register will be contingent on an absolute guarantee that the Government will not scrap or reduce the TBLs.
The Parliament will vote on the reintroduction of the Banned Drinkers Register tomorrow.
Robyn Lambley
Independent Member for Araluen



  1. Ahhh the Banned Drinker Register. I know kiddies, let us reinvent the wheel only this time we will make it square. It didn’t work last time, won’t work this time. It is a simpleton idea from a group full of inane and inadequate thunkers.

  2. Whilst the TBLs may be effective, using valuable police resources to do this is not.
    Perhaps the Government should consider outsourcing this task to someone else.


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