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Getting youth issues into FOCAS

1912 Bob Durnan OKVolunteer Bob Durnan (pictured) posted this on the Alice Springs Community Open Forum Facebook page at one minute to midnight yesterday:
Remarkably quiet down here outside the cinema and along the Mall now, despite a lot of movement earlier on.
On the barbecue front, Janet Lash Wright took care of the sizzle, ably assisted by Anita Fuamatu, who brought in extra provisions from some generous donors, plus Vicky Goude and Nat Nataline Ross helping with the production line.
Mark Edward Lockyer again led the foot patrols, accompanied by Beatrice Torrens and Elaine Nungarryi Williams.
It was good to catch up with some of the bus drivers and police, and late in the evening we had a visit from patrolling YOREOs Baden and Michelle.
Most young people took advantage of the buses from Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, Alice Springs Town Council, Tangentyere Council INC and the Gap Youth and Neighbourhood Centre.
These buses were doing relays to intensive activities at GYC near Piggly’s and the Tangentyere Youth Recreation Shed at 3 Brown Street from early to late, as well as taking children to their homes.
Very successful and well run programs tonight at both these venues, with Tangentyere putting on special activities for the under 12s from 7pm to 9pm, and basketball and a dance party for those over 12 years from 9:30 up to midnight.
Tomorrow night: We will do it all again!


  1. Congratulations to all those actively involved in the FOCAS project. This is a prime example of how commUNITY works for the betterment of all those “in the village”.
    Attitudinal shift has been what’s required for ages. Those of us who love this town and want it to prosper long into the future are dedicated to finding positive ways to create those possibilities.
    Volunteers who help make it happen are vital to its progress. There are so many good people in Alice Springs who can help to models what a progressive and productive community looks like. Modeling and mentoring are imperative ingredients.
    Remember … it all begins in the belly. Strong babies become strong kids, adolescents and adults. We are all responsible for contributing to our own and others well-being in the community.
    We are a multi-cultural collective so let’s each contribute the knowledge, wisdom and strengths of our respective cultures into continuing the growth of our town and region.
    Invest your time in making positive contributions to positive solutions. We’ll all be better for your contributions.

  2. Dear Erwin,
    There is no doubt Bob Durnan is a very community-minded person. But it needs to placed on the public record that Bob is employed as a political adviser to the NT Chief Minister.
    He works directly for the Minister for Territory Families, Dale Wakefield, who is ultimately responsible for fixing the problems of kids rampaging around our streets at night.
    Bob would be on a very generous salary and I would strongly suggest that Bob’s “youth work” is far from voluntary. He is doing what he is paid to do, watching the backs of his Labor ministers and promoting the policy (or lack there of) of the Labor Goverrnment.
    Robyn Lambley MLA
    Independent Member for Araluen

  3. Goodn’u Bob – your voluntary (and perhaps risky) work between 8pm and 12 midnight is certainly above and beyond what your “generous salary” is asking you to do.

  4. I have known Bob Durnan for 30 years.
    His commitment to the community is unquestioned.
    Lambley’s comments are small minded and mean spirited.
    She is targeting the man, not the issues.
    I’m sure her salary is much more “generous” than Bob’s.
    What the hell is she doing?


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