NT Government creates Aboriginal Justice Unit


p2160-Natasha-FylesLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I have today launched an Aboriginal Justice Unit within the Department of Attorney-General and Justice.
The unit will be key to improving justice outcomes in the Territory and will lead the delivery of an Aboriginal Justice Agreement.
We must listen to Aboriginal Territorians and their experiences with the justice system. We know that the Territory has unacceptably high rates of Indigenous incarceration and that re-offending rates are too high.
Acknowledging that almost 85% of the NT’s prison population identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is fundamental to designing procedures and programs that align with world’s best practice.
In particular, this means providing meaningful education and employment opportunities for all prisoners so that we end the revolving door of crime and incarceration and getting people on the right path.
The Territory’s Aboriginal Justice Agreement will be built from the ground up. The Aboriginal Justice Unit has already begun discussions with key Aboriginal peak bodies in the Territory.
The agreement will:–
• set out how the Government and Aboriginal people will work together to make justice work in the NT;
• build trust and engagement on justice issues in the NT;
• focus on practical solutions to reduce the levels of Indigenous incarceration;
• deliver strategies for the implementation of more local decision-making in the justice system.
The six member team of the unit will consult across the Northern Territory over the next 12 months listening to the issues, solutions and ideas.
Consultations are being delivered in a culturally appropriate manner through interpreters and using cultural brokers.
Natasha Fyles (pictured)
Attorney-General and Minister for Justice 


  1. Hahahahahahah really.
    All of those that voted for this shower congratulations this is the reward for your vote.
    Face-palm much.

  2. It all sounds nice and pally but what about here and now.?
    Everyone aired their pie in the sky wantabes on Q&A and true to form a response, approx 50 cars trashed at Kittle Bros.

  3. I am curious to know what is meant by “Aboriginal Justice Unit”.
    Quite obviously, it is to be an office space occupied in a government department building in Darwin by newly-appointed NT public servants.
    The mission statement sounds quite lofty and grand – typical new broom stuff of a relatively new government. But just what is it that a bunch of public servants is going to do to change / improve existing legislation to ensure justice for Aboriginal an TI Territorians in the courts, the and tribunals of our established justice system?
    The Minister must choose her staff very carefully indeed and in the most transparent manner – and with pragmatic, achievable goals. Otherwise, this good-idea-at-the-time will run the risk of becoming a bureaucratic white elephant that will further divide, rather than unite all sections of the NT community.


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