People who like fireworks will cause them to be banned


2457 fireworks mess OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Once again I write that the people who will eventually get fireworks banned are the idiots who actually want to have them stay: It will be because of your behaviour and lack of respect for the rest of the community, that they will eventually be banned.
I and a lot of other people am utterly disgusted by the amount of rubbish left after the fireworks.
For those people who obviously want personal fireworks to stay legal, how about helping to give people who want to ban them, some positive reason to have them continue.
Stay within the legal hours of letting them off. Clean up after yourselves.
Heather Krikke
Lovegrove Drv
Alice Springs


  1. As much as I agree people should clean up after whatever it is they have done I would not consider banning the event that caused the rubbish. People talk about rights and freedoms but would consign them away because of imagined inconveniences.

  2. I used to like fireworks. Now I despise them, WHY?
    Well as usual, it’s the few who refuse to stay within the very liberal guidelines. Or another way to put it, The Morons! A simple word: Respect.
    Most people will commence at the set time and desist at the set time, BUT the Morons love to set them off either on the preceding days and or after Territory Day. What’s more, it’s usually in the early hours of the morning.
    Fireworks are meant for the enjoyment of watching the spectacular display, or the enjoyment of the loud bang. These Morons who set them off in the middle of the night only receive enjoyment from disrupting someone else’s sleep.
    It’s a pitiful existence when you receive enjoyment from pissing off your fellow man.
    Whilst it would be nice if people did clean up after themselves, in a lot of cases they won’t be able to see the rubbish left behind, so having a bit of a levy on the sales of Fireworks for a clean up would be acceptable. The monies could be paid to the Council for the clean up.
    So folks, as unfortunately too frequent in our society, the Morons will ultimately be responsible for us ALL being penalised.


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