Minister Vowles 'sucks up' to fracking bosses


p2106ken-vowlesLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I’m responding to omments by NT Minister Ken Vowles (pictured) at the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association conference in Perth pushing “significant new gas development” in the Territory, as reported by the Australian Financial Review.
Evidence from fracked communities around the world shows the gas jobs are FIFO, high-risk, short-term and have negative impacts on surrounding local industries and farming.
Resources Minister Ken Vowles is ignoring his portfolios of agriculture and fishing by sucking up to the gas fracking industry at the expense of our other successful Territory industries.
The gas industry has a track record of promising riches and exaggerating jobs figures, while playing down all the risks.
We need some truly independent advice on the risks of fracking to the Territory and yet our politicians continue to try and undermine the Fracking Inquiry with their cosy ties to the gas lobby.
We don’t want to lose the best of our Territory lifestyle, tourism and outback industries because we peg false hopes on risky fracking.
Naomi Hogan
Lock the Gate NT coordinator


  1. Your statement of the sucking up and facts on FIFO on drilling leaves little to the community.
    I ask where do you get your facts from? I think taking on government handling industries should involve those in those industries to work with local state and federal levels.

  2. Re Minister Vowles “sucking up” to fracking bosses and ignoring agriculture and fishing.
    Minister Vowles clearly has conflicting ministerial portfoios.


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