Crime stats up in Alice, through the roof in Tennant


p2351 Robyn Lambley OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Crime statistics released by the police for the year ending January 31, 2017 show that in Alice Springs break-ins into commercial premises are up by 32.5%, motor vehicle thefts are up by 21.2%; and property damage is up by 17.8%.
Better news is that assaults and house break-ins in Alice Springs are down by about 14%.
Tennant Creek has completely unacceptable rates of crime. Residential break-ins in Tennant Creek are up by 58% and offences against the person are up by 18%.
Clearly the Labor Member for Barkly needs to urgently attend to the safety and security of his electorate.
What will be of more interest is comparing the statistics for this summer to last summer.
We have definitely seen a surge in crime this January and February in Alice Springs and these latest crime statistics do not fully reflect the pain and suffering people have experienced of late.
The NT Government has a long way to go to addressing crime across the NT.
Endless speeches in Parliament telling themselves how great they are performing is no solution to the continuing crime wave being felt from Darwin to Palmerston, Tennant Creek to Alice Springs.
The honeymoon is over and the Government needs to get tough on crime.
Robyn Lambley (pictured)
Member for Araluen


  1. I seriously think the hard on crime strategy will never work.
    If you really want to make change in our town of Alice Springs you have to start by working with the community.
    People don’t respect a government that locks their families up but provides no options for employment or opportunity.
    Please get out of your golf course house and start doing something for the community rather than your political party.
    Australians are sick and tired of hearing the same Labor / Liberal bullshit. Stop fighting each other and actually make positive change.


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