Where is Wally?


p2407 Giles & Gina 3By ERWIN CHLANDA
No idea. But here’s Adam. Adam Giles, that is, on ABC TV News last night.
He’s not actually being named in the story.
But that’s him, behind his new boss, Gina Rinehart, known as Australia’s richest woman, who is announcing a cattle deal with China in Warwick, SE Queensland.
Adam cut a dashing figure in the footage, holding a box of meat, alongside other people also holding boxes of meat.
p2407 Giles & Gina 1It’s nice to see he hasn’t lost his touch about TV camera angles, just behind the person doing the talking that is, and a bit to one side.
It’s called doing noddies in the industry – signifying agreement with what is being said.
Warren Snowdon is especially experienced with noddies. He’s been doing them for decades.
In Adam’s last job someone was usually doing noddies behind him and he was doing the talking.
Warren is still getting paid by the taxpayer, while Adam is on Gina’s payroll, still smiling.
Life goes on.
p2407 Giles & Gina 2


  1. Kudos, Alice Springs News Online! But seriously how [brazen] is this guy, walking straight into a well groomed industry job?

  2. Dunno what planet Marli may have been living on, but the Oz scene is full of former pollies who walk straight into plum jobs. Every second one. Heads on ’em like mice.
    It’s called looking after your mates.
    Kimmy Beazley marched straight into a plum New York job as did Joey Hockey.
    Then there was Billy Hayden getting handed the G-G gig with the perk of high tea with Queen Liz.
    Then, going back the other way, there are all Billy Shorten’s union mates who walked straight onto the front bench on Capital Hill.
    Yep. That’s what this game is all about.
    Noddies is a job-related affliction that is a small price to pay for the good life.
    There is always medical treatment to fix these ailments. No doubt Wazza Snowden has a good family doctor who is monitoring the virus.

  3. On the issue of ex-pollies in plum jobs, I do have to put in a a qualifying good word on an old friend from distance running days, former ACT Chief Minister Jonny Stanhope.
    Jon flew up to Christmas Island to take the job as Administrator of Christmas Island.
    One of Jon’s passions was human rights, one of the reasons I understand he took the gig. And that is my point.
    Every former politician (or member of a local council for that matter) who takes one of these highly paid gigs in the afterlife has rock solid justification in their own minds for doing so, e.g. recognition of services rendered to the Oz community, financial security for their own families … et al … and the zinger: That’s what any ordinary punter would do in their position. Hard to beat that thinking, hey!

  4. Get over Giles. He isn’t in politics anymore and has the same right as Afghan Traders or anyone else to earn a living for his family.
    The news story that might interest readers is the pros AND cons of organic foods.
    You might be surprised that some organic pesticides have a worse environmental impact than conventional ones. Organic milk and organically grown cereals generate higher a higher level of green houses gasses and they are more expensive.
    I would heap kudos on a well researched piece of journalism to clear up this matter.


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