Grog, domestic violence control group in trouble again


Credible information indicates there are again problems within CAAAPU, a government funded, Aboriginal-controlled organisation in the front line of the battle against alcohol fuelled domestic violence, rampant in Central Australia.
The Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit received grants of $4.16m and had a total income of $4.36m in 2015/16.
The latest problems have surfaced not long after a protracted and expensive period of external administration ordered by ORIC.
The information, leaked to the Alice Springs News Online on the condition that the sources are not named, shows that the 2015/16 financial report was signed twice, on two different occasions: Chairman Michael Liddle signed both, and the second signature came from directors Joel Liddle and Jocelyn Dhu, respectively. (See images above).
The News has copies of both documents in full.
All three directors certified that they were signing the documents pursuant to a motion by CAAAPU’s governing body.
A recording of a conversation which we have also obtained suggests that no such motion has in fact been passed.
We asked Mr Liddle, CAAAPU CEO Pauline Reynolds and the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations for comment.
Ms Reynolds said: “I only have responsibility for operational matters and the day to day running of CAAAPU. [Its] directors have responsibility for strategic direction, ensuring monies are used appropriately in accordance with funding agreements and signing off financial audits and reports.”
We will publish as updates any further information that comes to hand.
UPDATE 3:27pm
Anthony Beven, the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations at ORIC, provided the following statement:
“The matters you have raised are internal operational matters of the corporation.  I am therefore unable to make any comment.”


  1. It is reported in the Tennant and District Times (2/12/2016) that Stewart Naylor abruptly left BRADAAG in October.

  2. Shame, shame, shame.
    It appears the CAAAPU directors named are bringing shame and disrepute to CAAAPU.
    Perhaps some serious governance training may be in order for those directors.
    Do they know the financial statements are a legal document that’s supplied to government funding bodies and others?
    Can you give us the details of the conversation mentioned?

  3. Surprised makes me laugh when he writes this man’s resume: Chair of Lhere Artepe. Look where it got them, doors are closed.
    When I was on the board of CAAAPU 15 years ago I was dismissed for having a beer in my hand at the casino a week before our board meeting.
    My question, have the rules changed unless these people have given away alcohol.
    I hope there are drug tests done, not only on inmates and board members. Two directors of Lhere Artepe made statutory declarations about money payments of a weekly wage of $2000 to a receptionist.
    They were told to find a lawyer to represent them. ORIC does not care about organisations going under. That is why it keeps happening with taxpayers’ money. TOO MUCH NEPOTISM.

  4. Funny … Aimee Austin is employed as Senior HR Advisor at Central Land Council, where Michael Liddle is also an executive council member. Just saying.


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