Alice electrician powers largest independent hospital ship


Crew photo of Nathan Foote in front of the Africa Mercy.
Sir – When electrician Nathan Foote (pictured) felt it was time to revisit the humanitarian sector, things just seemed to fall into place.
Before he knew it, Mr Foote was leaving Alice Springs to meet the world’s largest independent hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, in Madagascar.
Prior to his decision to join Mercy Ships, Mr Foote had also spent time doing short-term volunteer work in Zambia and Thailand, which left a long-lasting impact.
From there, he set his sights on finishing his apprenticeships while completing home renovations while maintaining a deep yearning to do another type of work. This meant going overseas to do volunteer work. He searched the two subjects he’s most passionate about: “Industrial Electrician” and “Christian Missions.”
Up popped Mercy Ships, the international charity that operates the Africa Mercy and provides free health care services to those without access in the developing world.
Joining the ship in April, Mr Foote’s dual-trade certifications as an electrician and certified instrumentation and control technician came in handy. He and the other electricians on board assess and address the ship’s electrical needs to ensure the safety and comfort of the ship’s 400 plus crew members.
With five operating theatres and 82 patient beds on board, Mercy Ships plans to provide more than 1,700 surgeries to adult and paediatric patients, to treat over 8,000 people at a land-based dental clinic, and to provide training and mentoring to Beninese health care professionals during its current 10-month field service.
Melissa Mason
Mercy Ships Australia


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