Will shale gas fracking release greenhouse gasses?


Sir – A report released today by the Melbourne Energy Institute has major implications for the Territory’s wannabe shale gas fracking industry.
The report exposes leaking gas from unconventional gasfields could render the fuel useless as a clean burning resource due to the methane leakage rates. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas.
Using actual measurements of methane from shale gasfields from across the United States, the new report shows shale gasfields, like those proposed for the NT, leak about 9% of the produced gas as methane pollution.
Yet again this new report demonstrates that the gas fracking industry says one thing, but when you actually get out and measure the pollution, you find their ‘facts’ are furphies.
The gas industry and NT Government have been talking up the 200 trillion cubic feet of shale gas under the Territory.
That’s 18 trillion cubic feet of polluting methane gas to be leaked into the atmosphere if we push a shale gas fracking industry on the Territory.  That is 18,000,000,000,000 cubic feet of methane gas.
A 9% leakage rate blows massive holes in the fracking industry’s argument that hydraulic fracturing for shale is somehow ‘clean’.
The report also highlights the gas leaks aren’t just at the well head, they come from all aspects of the industrial process.
The unconventional gas fracking industry is living a lie if they continue to push the line that their gasfields won’t leak.
Naomi Hogan (pictured)
Lock the Gate Alliance NT


  1. Thanks for the informative article, Naomi.
    Someone must make the executives of these fracking companies to live in the land where they frack, then we believe what they say is safe fracking.
    Can you give an example what kind of environmental damage, as well as the impact on the human health if the 18 trillion cubic ft of methane leaked into the environment?
    For example: if this 18 trillion cubic feet of methane leaked into the environment, it would create a ozone layer as large as Texas, or it could melt the iceberg the size of Los Angeles.

  2. It is interesting that anything that working people see during their everyday working cycle is discarded until a certified establishment brings it up?


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