Pine Gap protests in town, at base


p2356-protest-pic-1okPine Gap protesters are escalating their “actions” with a demonstration (pictured) at the US facility in Schwarz Crescent, opposite the RSL, early this afternoon.
“This morning, before dawn, the shift change (at the base) was met at the gates by a group of protestors,” says spokesman Jacob Grech.
“As numbers swelled, by 7am buses were delayed from entering the facility for a short period.
“In the lead up to Friday’s action, various actions will be taking place.
“At 4pm this afternoon an action will take place at the Hatt Road camp.”
p2356-protest-pic-2okPolice say two people were served with trespass notices but made no further comment.
UPDATE PIC: The protest in Hatt Road underway at 4.50pm today.


  1. Yes, C. Brown. The world is in a sad state. And back in 1983 we were aware that we could not live with the “then” Pine Gap. Today – almost 35 years on, it is impossible to live with its dominating enlarged furnace. Det does [I suppose] measure nature “man-made” seismic activity ie: quakes and nuclear ex-plosions. Man made it, man [and woman] now are cursed and stuck with watching and waiting for the next nuke trick-or-treat.
    People are there because the above speaks volumes.

  2. This mob of protesters lacks imagination. There is no “oomph” in a mob standing tamely in a line across Hatt Road – rather like lame ducks all in a row at the shooting gallery in Sideshow Alley at the Royal Show, waiting for the cops to pick them off in leisurely fashion. No contest.
    Not like them Old Hippie days of ’69. Recall one lazy Saturday arvo when Stott House resizes – Young Ms C and young Mr J – decided to invade the base, to see how far they could get. Loaded up the trusty old pink Simca station wagon with picnic basket, a couple of VBs, pet cocky in a cage in the back seat; roared out along the Pine Gap road, lustily singing We Shall Overcome.
    Got to the first gate. Armed Marine guard stirred from slumber in the sentry box, proceeded to the barrier to challenge.
    Young Mr J got a rush of blood, planted the foot and the Pink Simca roared through the flimsy barrier … came to a screeching halt at the second barrier down the road.
    Did a fishtailing Uie, roared back through the first barrier and gunned the Pink Simca all the way back to town. Cops alerted, APB for Pink Simca Hippies. Uproar in the corridors of authority.
    Now THAT’s how to grab the Establishment’s attention, by jingo! In comparison, today’s crowd are pussy cats. Yep. The Pink Simca Protest of ’69. A Role Model for the Pussy Cat Protesters of today!

  3. John: I love the story and I would like to see a re-run of that sixty-niner. Wonder how far the old pinkie Simca would get today, though?
    I’m no pussycat, just an old hen with several law brushes but I wouldn’t be dumb enough to take on what protects The Gap these days. Super-great-Grandma, Stefanie Bennett.


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