Government stops 'excessive surcharges' by taxis


Sir – Drivers and passengers will benefit from two new taxi industry reforms being introduced from October 1.
The NT Government has put a stop to excessive surcharges when paying for a commercial passenger trip using a non-cash method, such as credit and debit cards.
The government is making sure passengers are charged a realistic surcharge on all non-cash payments for a CPV transport service.
It means, when paying a taxi trip with a credit card, the maximum surcharge is five per cent.
This is down from 10 per cent previously charged for these transactions and will bring the NT into line with the rest of Australia.
Also from October 1, all Friday and Saturday night taxi trips between 10 pm and 5 am across the Territory will require prepayment if requested by the taxi driver.
Prepayment will address fare evasions and is supported by the Taxi Council of the NT. It is already in place in all other jurisdictions. Everyone deserves to be paid for doing their job and taxi drivers are no different.
Government approved estimated fare schedules will be available in each taxi, or go online to find out how it works.
Airport pickups and Taxi Subsidy Scheme members are excluded from taxi fare prepayments.
Simon Saunders
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.
UPDATE September 30, 1:45pm
Colin Dawson, manager of Alice Springs Taxis, says the “merchant suppliers” Cabcharge and Cabfare get the surcharge for credit card use.
All the taxi company gets is what is shown on the meter.


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