Pine Gap homes to be sold from next year


p2348 Pine Gap home 1By ERWIN CHLANDA
Pine Gap and the Defence Department remain coy about the planned sale of “base” homes (similar to the one pictured) in Alice Springs, understood to number 400.
In reply to questions from the Alice Springs News Online about how many houses will be sold, to whom, for what price and when, the department replied: “The planned sale of Australian Government housing in Alice Springs will be part of a program to replace older dwellings with new stock, over a period of approximately three to five years, as discussed with the Alice Springs Town Council and Chamber of Commerce representatives on 11 August 2016.
“The number of properties to be sold is under review. The properties will be sold on the open market, at market value, in accordance with the Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy.
“Defence anticipate the initial properties to be sold will be listed on the market in 2017.”


  1. This will further depress an already free falling housing market. Not much hope for home owners / investors or self funded retirees.

  2. There you go, NT Government, buy these and end the shortage of housing for Alice Springs. Easy fix, a nobrainer.

  3. Free-falling house prices?
    Just had a quick look and see the ridiculous rents are not dropping … $230/wk for an old motel ROOM!
    Did Alice ever get that uranium mine that sent prices skyrocketing seven years ago?


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