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The rollercoaster Budgets

From a surplus of about $300m in 2014/15 – half-way through its term – the CLP government is plunging the NT into a $800m deficit.
It will be as bad as Labor’s in 2010/11.
The projected return to a balanced Budget by 2019/20 is wishful thinking, according to observers, including CDU Professor Rolf Gerritsen.
This is the spend that Chief Minister Adam Giles is putting front and centre in his Budget message:-
• Targeting homeowners and tradies with a $20m Home Improvement Scheme.
• $970m is set aside for education and $1.52b for health.
• $1m for a study voucher program to help eligible apprentices and trainees with the cost of work wear and other necessities in their first year.
• $600,000  for higher education scholarships and $420,000 for a cadetship program to support paid work experience with private sector employers for students on vacation breaks. Once royalties from onshore gas developments are available these programs will be expanded.
• The $1.7b infrastructure budget will create jobs and improve roads, barge landings and airstrips.
• The new $350 million remote housing package with the Commonwealth Government will deliver more and better housing in the bush.


  1. The home improvement scheme explained, if you are thinking of doing it:
    Cost of outdoor dunny (to cut your crippling water bills and reduce your carbon footprint) from a rural area mate’s back paddock: Free.
    Cost of hiring a light truck to move it to your place: $200.
    Cost of crane hire to get it on and off truck: $500.
    Cost of hiring a dude and auger to dig long drop: $1000.
    Cost of beer and bangers for grand opening ceremony with your mates: $2000.
    Cost of hiring tradie to put it on stumps, put on a new roof, give it a paint job, fix handrails to make it compliant, put in some steps, pour concrete path, install handrails along path to make it compliant, remove stairs and put in concrete ramp to make it compliant, replace dunny seat from old wooden one with splinters: $5000.
    Cost of getting permits, approvals, compliance certification, invoices approved (including responding to faceless public servants with line item questions) and cost of your time in doing all of this: $10,000.
    Cost of engaging approved consultant to prepare EIS: $100,000.
    Cost of lawyers, half the house and counseling required after loss of children due to unsuccessful custody battle when the missus divorces you for making her traipse down the back yard for a pee when it’s minus five with a wind chill factor: $750,000.
    Cost of having your very own, private home away from home: Priceless.
    Total saving on your annual water bill: $20.
    Chance of having your $2000 paid by NTG within the required 30 days: 0.
    Yes sir, that’s a winner.

  2. It seems [some people] will be paid to build their own homes, on their own land, without having to pay for these homes.
    It seems who will certainly benefit from the $350m remote housing package are the shareholder owners of these corporate owned private lands.
    [We should] support ALL NT land-owners with the same support, grants, donations, even interest free loans with long term loan repayments plans, to build their own homes – they all pay enough acquiring ownership of their land.
    If we are really serious about resolving housing problems, the NT Government needs to lower land prices in main towns, with support for loans to build.


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