Rate of property crime dropped since CLP came to power


The rate of some crimes dropped significantly in the nearly four years since the CLP came to power, according to statistics released by the police today.
They compare the year ending August 2012 with the year ending March 2016.
The decrease in all crimes in Alice Springs, as well as the NT, is 12%.
The decrease in house break-ins in Alice Springs is a massive 34% over the nearly four years, or 11% per year.
But the assault rate in Alice Springs is down just 1% over the whole period, and the rate of sexual assaults, 7%.
The offence data were extracted from the NT Police PROMIS system on May 1, 2016.


  1. So much for all crime dropping 10% a year. We all knew it was a promise waiting to be broken. Pfftt.

  2. If you lock enough people up, build enough prisons, to the extent that you have the nation’s highest incarceration rates and spend huge dollars to stake out grog outlets you will reduce offending.
    But not by much.
    Having the nation’s highest reoffending rates shows that the approach only works if more and more money is invested.
    $100K per year per prisoners, massive expense for failing rehabilitation. 70% will reoffend.
    The CLP has no right to claim a victory here.
    We have no more TIOs to sell off, strategic ports and pipelines to sell to the Chinese to prop up our budget.

  3. Let’s start making prison less fun for these people! Make it harsh and they won’t want to go back … as it is it’s like a holiday where they go to get good food, a bed, TV and catch up with family members!
    Start a prisoner exchange with other states and let them serve their time away from their prison family!

  4. I think if pollies don’t preform their pays should be cut. Where is their incentive to really care?

  5. There is little point in comparing just two months, particularly two different months. Any discussion should be based on much broader statistics than this.
    [ED Hi Laurie: The periods are not one month but one year respectively. It says “year ending …”]

  6. Police at Tennant have a tried a tested solution for reducing crime rates.
    It’s called “don’t answer the phone”. Works a treat.

  7. Why not make prison less fun and a lot cheaper.
    The nation’s highest re offending rates, seven out of 10 re offend, should be telling us something.
    Rehabilitation is not working.
    So let’s trial not having it, not putting prisoners through endless programs that fail.
    Not spending a fortune on so called education and training when these things are not leading to less offending.
    Not coming up with “new” costly ideas that will solve the crime problem but (after the election) we find out they failed.
    No more sorry business and ceremonies.
    What is left is bare bones, spartan but safe prison.
    Saving millions.
    The sort of prison that many prison staff would like to be part of.

  8. I like Baron Von Knowitall’s comment.
    In bigger companies, high earners have an “At Risk” component attached to their salary, so if they don’t perform, they lose this amount of money. It can be as high as 30%.
    In just about all private business, employees are subjected to MEASUREABLE productivity goals.
    If business doesn’t produce, they go bankrupt.
    In Government, the Public (the people who actually pay their salaries) should have some input as to the performance rating). After all, self rating is fantastic and very productive.
    The Government won’t go broke under any circumstances, because it’s our money they play with.
    Pollies, well it should apply to them too, but by the time the elections roll around, a lot of people forget or are overwhelmed by all of the lovely promises of wonderful new things.

  9. The Alice Springs prison is becoming an alternative way of life for some people.


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