1. Nigel, no-one is fooled by your CLP lies … this is not about Labor or CLP but Aboriginal people, and you have been trying very hard to take the money away from Aboriginal people and give it to you CLP cronies.
    I agree with Marianne’s comments. [You cannot] fool the public. FOIs will most certainly show how many applications for funding from your buddies has landed on the desk of the ABA since you lot have been in power.
    Interesting how when ever you get cornered you revert to the old “but I am just a busted arse fisherman”.
    Heaven help us if you manage to get back into power.

  2. All the parties are responsible, all the Members of the Commonwealth Parliament.
    With respect for Justice Woodward, I continue to disagree with parts of his solution.
    Transferring titles for land to “Aboriginal” Trusts has not been the problem.
    The problem is Commonwealth racist policies.
    Commonwealth has ongoing racist tinkering, with ongoing reprehensible Commonwealth racist policies.
    These Commonwealth racist policies clearly operational prior to and post the 1967 Referenda.
    Commonwealth maintains ongoing claim to possess authority to qualify our rights and responsibilities as Australians using racial identification.
    Australians certainly voted for NO RACIST legislation.
    Commonwealth racism, Commonwealth segregationist policies remain central to ongoing problems.
    Corporate Land Trust decisions need be for them and their identified members to make.
    Yet Commonwealth requires Land Trusts jump through management and control hoops reflecting gross Commonwealth racist control desires.
    Commonwealth invades and controls these Land Trust’s decision making capabilities to suit Commonwealth whims.
    Commonwealth requires that corporate Land Trusts not obey nation wide reasonably understood legislation concerning landlord and tenant duties, or managing corporate responsibilities.
    Commonwealth instead “tweaks” these responsibilities and duties.
    Commonwealth claims this “to assist” these corporate entities, yet conditions required to satisfy more complicated and difficult to satisfy than for conventional corporate entities.
    Land Trusts around Alice Springs should only need to satisfy their conventional land-owner and corporate responsibilities.
    As land-lords or agents their failures to develop, their failures to maintain housing, their refusal to issue viable leases to tenants housing, would all be easily resolved.
    Instead they fall into a financial bog with the conditions required of these Land Trust’s management policies.
    Major parties require these corporate land trusts, along with their Commonwealth assigned statutory property agent, land councils to ignore basic law, jump through changing Commonwealth administrative minefields.
    So control of these Land Trusts decision making capabilities, remain greatly subject to Commonwealth administrative whims, as written into their grant conditions.
    The Land Councils and Land Trusts fail their members by remaining in this racist political game, so close to the sign on the gate saying “work sets you free”.
    The Commonwealth’s over-complicated resolution of land claims, of self-management, remain clearly obstruct actions.
    Land Trusts as shareholder corporate land trusts would have simpler dividend distributions, would encourage further maintenance, investment and developments.
    Instead self-management tosses around like a bob on a stormy sea, first one way, then another, to suit Commonwealth ideological, racist, policy waves, all of which maintain the Commonwealth’s claim of authority to divide, to segregate, to separate Australians and their families using racial measurements.


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