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Sir – Alice Springs will next week host the South Australia and Northern Territory Community Bank State Conference, welcoming more than 70 delegates.
Northern Territory communities have so far received more than $500,000 from our Community Bank network to help fund local projects and initiatives.
By using local suppliers for all aspects of the event, the conference will inject a further $128,000 into the local economy.
Community Bank volunteer directors, branch managers and bank staff from across South Australia and the Northern Territory will attend.
The key-note speaker is Rachel Bacon, CEO Chief Ministers Department Northern Territory, will be speaking on how strong and prosperous communities can be created.
This conference is also a fantastic opportunity for our delegates to explore the vibrant culture and stunning scenery of the Northern Territory.
Bridget May


  1. Big shout out of appreciation to Bridget, the Alice Springs Community Bank Board and all their great staff.
    The support and friendly assistance that 8CCC Community Radio has received over the last couple of years has been fantastic.
    We are very glad we made the decision to move our accounts to the bank and it is great to see the broader contributions you are making to our community.


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