Advocate editor joins Giles staff


p2310-Brown-Giles-1By ERWIN CHLANDA
The relationship between the Centralian Advocate and NT Chief Minister Adam Giles has clearly blossomed from holding hands to going steady.
Advocate editor Michael Gorey will be joining Mr Giles as his minder on April 26.
This follows the description of the Advocate by Mr Giles, addressing local business people in November last year, as his “media partners”.
Mr Corey, when offered right of reply by the Alice Springs News Online, stated that this would not influence his performance as a journalist.
The “partnership” clearly includes a steady flow of taxpayers’ money to the American-owned newspaper for a string of full page advertisements, touting the supposed achievements of Mr Giles’s government.
The cost of a full page, according to the Advocate’s rate card, is $4,118.40.
PHOTOS: Top – Mr Giles on the front page of the Advocate. He released the information for that report on the $75m powerstation project to the Advocate two days ahead of the other media (he does this routinely) to compensate for the newspaper’s cumbersome production process – appearing on newsprint and being printed in Darwin.


  1. OK, what’s going on here? I remember another short-term managing editor of the Centralian Advocate joining the CLP Government, just over a quarter century ago, also at a time of electoral difficulty for that party.
    It was Gary Shipway, who initially worked for the then Member for Braitling, Tourism Minister Roger Vale.
    Mr Shipway then went on to work for Chief Ministers Marshall Perron and then Shane Stone.
    The CLP in the late 1980s and all through the 1990s enjoyed very close relations with News Corp, which might be described as having been unhealthily close to the detriment of democracy. Michael Gorey is treading a well-worn path.

  2. @ Alex: Guess where Shippers is now? Back on the Fifth Floor, of course.
    So far in this hideous government, they have also had advice from Cam Smith (former American News political hack), Mark Wilton (former deputy boss of both the American News and the American Advocate) and Grant Stockwell (former racing writer for American News).
    The American News also picked up the ultra conservative Ashley Manicaros from all sorts of places, including Darwin City Council, and Maria Billias from Labor’s press gang.
    Incestuous, isn’t it?

  3. Hi Peter,
    Just to clarify one thing for you. I have worked for both Parties in the NT.
    I worked for the Labor Government for Rob Knight in 2012 before working for John Elferink for the CLP in 2014.
    Both for reasons you would not have any idea about.
    And just for the record I had left the “American News” as you put it almost two years before working for the Labor Government.
    When I went to work for the CLP I was working for the ABC.
    Just to set you straight …


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