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Four court netball stadium worth $6.25m for Ross Park

Sir – The NT Government will develop a world-class netball centre at Ross Park in Alice Springs.
The $6.25m redevelopment at the Pat Gallagher Netball Centre will include four new, fully sprung courts in an enclosed stadium.
Construction will commence within weeks and the new facility is expected before the Alice Springs Masters Games starting on October 8.
The facility was jointly funded by NT Government ($4.25m), Alice Springs Town Council ($1.5m) and local businessman Tony Smith of NT Link Transportable Buildings contributing $500,000.
The tender for development was put out to tender on January 21 and Scope Building NT was today announced as the successful tenderer.
Alice Springs Netball Association President Robyn Donnelly welcomed the announcement and said the future was now secure for local netballers.
She said: “This will make a difference to the development of our juniors and those aspiring to local and NT representation, it’s a commitment that will bring dividends for young girls and women into the future.”
Mr Smith sent a personal thank you to [me] and the NT Government for their ongoing commitment to making the facility a reality.
Mr Smith said: “I would also like to commend Alice Springs Town Council for working with NT Government, providing technical advice and substantial funds that will enable Alice Springs to have a national sporting facility for netball in our town.
“Alice Springs can now host a number of carnivals, national events and pre-season training at an elite level. Young Territory sports women will be able to grow as ambassadors when participating interstate. The stadium will help our young women develop leadership through netball and create harmony in our community.”
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


  1. I suggest as supplementary reading the media release in which the Chief Monster is curiously described by his own media minder as “the incoming local Member for Braitling”.
    There is a serious debate here on what constitutes as “local”. You could also question whether the term “incoming” relates to travel arrangements or airborne unexploded ordinance.
    You could also question whether the media minder had been given access to recent polling figures.
    The minder in question has form, by the way – or at least he had it. He used to put together the four pages in the middle of every day’s AmericaNT News that you took to the track or TAB with you.
    I am sure a robust conversation could be had around which end of the horse he is now working with.
    In the meantime, onya Robyn and her mob. Let’s hope that in time, as much money and effort is put into netball right around the Territory as goes into one football code.

  2. This seems to have sprung from nowhere, and much as I like to see netball getting support and facilities, has the parking question been addressed ?
    A couple of years ago we had an emergency parking situation which led to the park of Ross Park being set aside as a temporary parking area.
    Perhaps the size of the facility will not change, but surely the increased usage, and high-profile matches will affect the parking.

  3. @ Peter: Is that the same media minder that’s just resigned after less than 12 months in the job and headed back to Queensland?

  4. @ Dave: Neigh! Mind you, with a track record of creating such enormous appeal for Campbell Newman AND Adam Giles, you could be excused for classifying the recent eastbound scuttler as either a very poor judge of character indeed or a complete horse’s patootie.
    You would have to also ask yourself if that particular gentleman’s CV came across your desk, would you employ him?


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