Black security guards hired to mask racism?


Sir – I’m writing to expose how our supermarkets appear to be controlling the Aboriginal population in Alice Springs. This includes the Yeperenye Shopping Centre which is owned by Aboriginal people.
Those supermarkets are using another Indigenous race, from a war zone, in another country, some of whom may have been traumatised at a very young age, to control our Indigenous population, without being or seeming to be racist.
Do we see many white Caucasian (Australians) security in supermarkets or anywhere, apart from police who attend bottle shops?
Sudanese and other Indigenous security guards fill these positions and these employers are using this method to bypass racism.
And if people bother to watch, when a local Aboriginal person is pushing a loaded shopping trolley to an exit, or within the shopping centre itself, and stops to talk with noisy, happy family members, in their own language, they are told to move along.
They are not allowed to stop and talk.
There are no seating arrangements (other than the noisy food mart) for old people or resting parents with children (just one small seat).
But in the city seats are everywhere. Europeans receive different treatment in the same supermarket chains, across all states.
NO racism?
Laurie Butcher
Santa Teresa Community
[ED – we have invited Yeperenye and the Coles supermarket to respond.]


  1. What a joke! Can’t believe this has been published! Easy employ Aboriginal people? Hang on, they don’t want to work? They only want to bludge and get government money for doing nothing!
    As for the bottle shops, stop abusing the grog and no more problems.

  2. Laurie: Racism? Really, you complain that Yeperenye Shopping Centre have Sudanese security officers and not Caucasian officers (they only are the Police members conducting bottle shop duties, you say)
    So Sudanese people want to work (security) and you complain. Caucasian people want to work (police) and you complain.
    Employers hire people that want to work, not to bypass racism.
    You state that Aboriginal people are asked to move on when being noisy talking to family members.
    But then you complain about seating arrangements only available in noisy food mart. Have you thought that security are aiming for a peaceful relaxing environment (which is why they are asked to move on, whatever race)?
    Finally, you complain about supermarket chains in all states. I find you playing the racism card, no one else. If you are unhappy with town, you can always stay out at Santa Teresa.

  3. Your use of the term “indigenous” in referring to Sudanese people is ridiculous.
    Aboriginal, African, European, we are all equally indigenous and endemic to the planet.

  4. I partially agree with Observer. The adjective Indigenous is synonymous with native.
    The Sudanese employed as security guards, if that is what they are, may be indigenous to Sudan, but they are not indigenous to Australia.

  5. Michelle: Couldn’t agree more.
    You can only hire who wants to work. What a life, wake up, drink, get locked up for being drunk, sleep in watch house, wake up, drink, lock up, sleep in watch house, repeat.
    Racism … Yes indeed, employed people paying for this and then getting told Aboriginals as a whole are had done by. Sorry for paying for your life with taxes.

  6. I agree. Racism is endemic in Alice. It’s easy to tell people to get a job, but how many white people would actually offer an Aboriginal person a job?

  7. It’s all too common, and don’t forget all the riches that provide all these jobs, riches that whites make on a stolen land. The only people the Commonwealth does not to have a treaty with is its real owners.
    Put it this way, when all you see is death, racism and a different laws for whites, as a little native boy is hit and run by a drunk ice addict who got off with a fine, I would rather be drunk too.
    We can’t heal when we are target practice every day.
    Wake up, if only the pathetic government and you ignorant uneducated people start taking responsibility for what you have done and still continue to do.
    And know your world’s oldest culture, and what the British have done, because knowing everything will give you no reason to judge the oppressed.
    Things can change when white superior people stop thinking everything is theirs.
    I am not proud I have English blood also, because that race of people are proven savages, worse than the wild animal.
    You corrupted a beautiful culture and then blame us for your greed and hatred!

  8. Hey Scotty. What a Life. I wake up, go to work come home, sleep, go to work, pay taxes.
    Have been doing so for a long time and I am Aboriginal as do a lot of other Aboriginal people.
    Racism … Yes indeed?

  9. @ Laurie Butcher: You need to talk to the Yeperenye management if you need more seating. As I have said that it is the same for me. I fail to see why we have Sudanese people doing this work when we can have Australians.
    If everyone behaved themselves we would not need them. And as for Alfred saying who is going to give him a job, he needs to go and see Adam Giles. It is very hard to employ people who can not read or write.

  10. Michael: I’m glad you work. Can you please let the other 99% know that working is good.
    About 84% of prisoners in gaol in Northern Territory are Aboriginal. Now for a minority that is unacceptable.
    Are you not a bit ashamed in reference to crime rate, unemployment rate and hygiene?

  11. Alfred, you say it’s easy to tell people to get a job.
    Wait a minute, if you have to tell someone to get a job, you don’t have a job.
    You say also “how many white people would actually offer an Aboriginal person a job?”
    That is racism right there.
    I will turn it around and ask, how many black people would actually offer a Caucasian a job?
    Most Caucasian people in Alice Springs have a job. I understand a lot of half caste people have jobs as well.
    Now, the Aboriginal people that sit on the RFDS lawns all day and visit the Memo Club and get drunk all day are a burden on our society.
    There is no way any boss, Caucasian or Aboriginal, would give these people a job.
    Don’t turn this into a racism debate. Losers are losers and a burden on taxpayers. Pity that 99% are Aboriginal.
    Not racism just reality.
    I agree. Racism is endemic in Alice. It’s easy to tell people to get a job, but how many white people would actually offer an Aboriginal person a job?

  12. Scotty, what is exactly your problem with Aboriginal people? You make it sound personal. Is it only Aboriginal people that create problems in this country?
    Your comments sound like you are trying to create a race hate relationship between people. Not good for the country.
    If the behaviour of a certain group of people offends you then move on.

  13. Dear Commentators, the response I received from my letter to the editor (March 18) shows that I need not reply at all, for it clearly demonstrates how the majority thinks – 99% was quoted in one response.
    The sad thing is, if these responses represent the majority of Alice Springs residents, as they are claiming, nothing will improve conditions or thinking anywhere within the Northern Territory.
    It can only get worse, and the businesses (bottle shop etc) will deal with the problems they create, regardless of race.
    Laurie Butcher.

  14. Michael: Just stating the facts. No more excuses, please.
    This is personal to me as it should be for all Alice Springs residents.
    In no way am I trying to create race hate relationships between people as you state.
    I have numerous friends who are Aboriginal, who work hard and I have great respect for. They too are sick of people (whatever the race) who bludge off others and are a burden to society.
    Now think for yourself. Who do you see drinking at the Memo Club on weekdays, Todd Tavern animal bar, and other pubs in town. Causing anti social problems, fighting in town, ending up in police custody. Not my fault they are an Alice Springs problem, please no more excuses.

  15. Michael: You ask if it’s only Aboriginal people who cause problems?
    The NT Police Commissioner has said that “police alone cannot solve the acutely dysfunctional social elements in Alice Springs. 90% of crime Territory-wide is alcohol-related and involves Indigenous people. You’re not going to remove Aboriginals, but we can address the problem of alcohol.” (Advocate, 7/5/12).
    Think about that. Remember, please: “No More Excuses.”

  16. Hey Scotty: You quote: “Can you let the other 99% know that working is good.” You also quote that you have numerous friends who are Aboriginal, who work hard. Somehow your number of 99% does not add up.

  17. @ Laurie Butcher: Some consolation, we now have a new and highly reputable security company in town.
    @ Alfred: Why don’t you approach Warren Snowdon or Adam Giles or Nigel Scullion, who is the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, for a job?

  18. I think the word racism is bandied around too much.
    If there is problem and its the white fella or an Aborigine, that is what they are.
    As for working, do you not want others who want to work, work because they are black?
    The security guards in the shopping centres must wonder what is the problem with these trouble makers, when so many are living off the working Aussies’ back. It is their choice to work or not work. No one is stopping them or anyone to work.

  19. I can only wish there were security guards in the parking lots as well as inside the shopping centres. I came out of work at midnight to find that my driver-side window had been smashed. Luckily there was no damage other than a broken window. Gormless little thieves couldn’t even see what was right in front of them.
    As to the colour or ethnicity of the hoped for security guards, I really couldn’t care less.

  20. @ Hal Duell: The security company whoich operates in the Yeperenye Centre are supposed to patrol the whole centre, car parks and the perimeter. As Donald Trump would say if they are not doing their job get someone else.

  21. @ Fred the Philistine: The new reputable security firm – do you mean Wilson Security? Wilson Security of the British Virgin Islands?

  22. Michelle and Scotty, paint yourselves up and go out and ask for a job, see how far you go.
    Okay, why are the security agencies employing black people from another country to control airports, court houses and supermarkets? Because it’s the government’s policy to bring them over here and give them a job straight up.
    You say the government and racists have a problem with boat people. We (Aborigines) had this problem for more than 200 years.

  23. I’ll try to make this short but relevant. Not that long ago I came to Alice for a holiday with my family to catch up with my family who are from Alice and lived in Alice most of their life.
    My mother, a well known local Aboriginal women, myself and my son attended Yeperenye Shopping centre to have lunch and do a bit of shopping.
    On our way out of Woolies my mother spotted a cousin of hers that she hadn’t seen in a while so she stopped out the front of the Telstra shop where he was waiting for his family who were purchasing a new phone.
    They were quiet, happily chatting, catching up on news about family stuff as you do.
    Myself and my son were standing next to her listening to their conversation which would have only been roughly five minutes at this stage when the Police Officer who was standing out the front of the bottle shop at woolies left his position to come over to us and ask my mother and her cousin what they were doing?
    They looked at each other blankly then looked at the police man and said we talking, why? The policeman said well unless you got business here you’re gonna have to move on! Really?!
    My uncle stated to the police man that he was talking to his cousin while waiting for his family who was doing business inside the Telstra shop.
    What I had to do to hold my tounge and not give that policeman a piece of my mind was so hard but because I too am a police officer from another jurisdiction and could not believe that this bullshit still happens in this day and age is beyond belief.
    And people on this page commenting want to say there is no racism in Alice, don’t kid yourselves. Racism is alive and going strong in Alice.
    Because I have fair skin, don’t look Aboriginal according to other non-Aboriginal people, I can sit, stand be behind someone and you can hear the vile coming out about the “blacks in this town”, to them I don’t look Aboriginal so they think they are safe to say what ever they want without any come back, guess what?
    Your dead wrong. Be careful what you say in this town, we not all uneducated, unemployed drunks standing up behind you or sitting beside you in the shops.
    And just think if it wasn’t for the black fellas in this town you probably wouldn’t have a bloody job yourself.
    People of Alice, get educated on the black fellas in their town, their town, they are not all drunks.

  24. Theres no racism in Alice? So explain why Abbott’s Camp like all the rest of the town camps are classed as remote but the streets surrounding them aren’t.
    Ilparpa isn’t remote but it’s much further from town than Abbott’s Camp.

  25. People need to ask the Aboriginal person who is in charge of the Yeperenye shopping center. What’s he doing about this problem?

  26. I hope I don’t offend anybody in giving my opinion, but yes, this happens all the time, especially in supermarkets. They usually hire a few token darker people.
    When when they are being blatantly racist towards Aboriginals they can then turn around and say: “We aren’t racist, look there’s our black employee.”
    And seriously they are that stupid to say it just like that! How embarrassing for people and employees! For a person to be pointing going he’s black I like him I’m not a racist.


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