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CEO of troubled CAAAPU resigns

Philip Allnutt yesterday stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit (CAAAPU), which is in administration.
“After five years in the position I have led the organisation through a period of enormous change and expansion,” he said in a written statement.
He says this included the roll-out of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment services on July 1, 2013.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the position of CAAAPU CEO and working closely with the former CAAAPU board, staff as well as external stakeholders and professional partners.
“I wish the very best to the incoming CEO and Board of Directors and look forward to seeing CAAAPU continue as a place of health, hope and healing.”


  1. Philip you are a lovely man and well liked.
    Thank you for doing your best at CAAAPU.
    The challenges presented to you were numerous.
    Working with an Aboriginal Board that are not skilled in western ways or trained for the job creates a level of difficulty in managing an organisation that onlookers cannot understand.
    Tell the gossipers to go and jump off the side of the earth.
    It is my thought that if you had a governance officer to help with the board and connect with ORIC and their services frequently – you would have been freed up to concentrate on watching the accountant.
    Wish you all the best for the future, life lessons learned from the whole CAAAAPU thing will take you far.

  2. A huge loss to CAAAPU and the wider area of substance abuse in the NT.
    I hope Philip is staying in Central Australia. We need wise heads like his.

  3. The board devoured $65K for meetings.
    Now there is a suggestion that they weren’t skilled in Western Ways.
    Should have had a governance officer.
    Why would they employ someone to tell them to stop rorting?

  4. All the best for the future CAAAPU board and CEO.
    The former CEO was a lovely man but he had little experience at that level, liaising with and managing the board and dealing with Government funding bodies. That’s the CEO’s role, that’s why they’re paid the big bucks, their finger should be on the pulse of everything in the organisation in its entirety.
    And yes, I agree – gossipers go elsewhere, including those who jump on the bandwagon to blame others.
    The former accountant was used as a scapegoat and the gossip has unfortunately ballooned from there. The problem with CAAAPU has long been a collective one between board and CEO and their naivety, inexperience etc.
    To simply single out one person is absurd and unfair. CAAAPU, come back stronger and continue serve those who are most at risk in our local community.

  5. I was fortunate enough to work with Phill, a very humble and intelligent man who guided us well during my few years spent at CAAAPU.
    He treated clients and colleagues with the utmost respect, genuinely cared about CAAAPU and what it stood for a place of healing.
    I enjoyed my time under his guidance and if you were doing well he’d be the first to pat you on the back and say well done.
    A great wise man with a wealth of knowledge. All the best Phill. God Bless.


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