Pollies' travel bucks to go to seniors: 1Territory Party


p2264-Braedon-Earley-SMLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – 1 Territory is releasing policies that have come from discussions with older members and their families who feel that our senior citizens have been ignored or even financially savaged by both the major parties over the past few years.
If elected, 1 Territory will:–
• Return to the original biennial airfare system. The fare will be based on the full Darwin to Adelaide return airfare and can be used for interstate or overseas travel or to bring parents to the NT. It will be able to be exchanged for vehicle mileage to any capital city.
• Continue the subsidy to NT seniors for car registration and electricity.
• Ensure local bus travel will be free for NT seniors.
• Ask seniors to engage with the community as volunteers and provide 100 hours of community service per year (2 hours a week). These activities will keep the knowledge base and energy of our senior Territorians active in our community.
• Fund COTA (Council of the Ageing (NT)) to run their annual Senior’s Expo.
• Conduct an investigation to ascertain public transport options to pick up and set down seniors in housing communities and those in independent living, on a regular schedule. This service would be by appointment and is a common service provided in other states.
These policies will be funded by savings made from efficiencies arising from a reduction in political and government travel expenses.
Braedon Earley (pictured)



  1. Hmm … This is interesting, 1Territory is shaping up to be a party with some decency?
    No fracking and caring for the elderly at the expense of MPs?
    Would love to see a response from Labor on this.

  2. @ Braedon Earley quote: “Ask seniors to engage with the community as volunteers and provide 100 hours of community service per year (2 hours a week).”
    Who do you think are actually the volunteers in this town? Why those two hours?

  3. Its interesting to note how the word “ask” can be misinterpreted to mean “compulsory”.
    In the research we have done it has been highlighted to us that some seniors are not afforded the opportunity to participate as much as they like, nor offered by the opportunity to engage in as many activities as they would like to. Further it doesn’t have to be 100 hours, it can be more it can be less, what matters is that the service is provided in order to facilitate the activity – the big winner is the community.
    As for “Retiring South,” good luck to you, unfortunately, most seniors don’t get the choice where they get to retire, so I guess we are addressing them. Please close the door behind you.
    Braedon Earley
    President, 1Territory Party


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