Power Water split hindered blackout remedy: Union


Sir – We are calling for a transparent investigation into recent Alice Springs power outages to fully investigate the CLP’s role in the service issues.
The CLP Government had been quick to blame others for outages in recent years, when in reality their fixation on splitting Power and Water and maintenance cuts have taken their toll.
There’s protection equipment that needs upgrading that’s contributed to outages like this throughout the Territory and all this government were concentrating on last year was dividing off more essential services.
All the while the government can’t even tell us what the split of Territory Generation from Power and Water cost Territorians.
The ETU calls on the Government to guarantee there won’t be a knee jerk reaction to the Alice Springs outages, and that any investigation will be an open and transparent process.
Families in Central Australia deserve to have a reliable power supply, but they also deserve to have secure ongoing employment for workers at Ron Goodin Power Station and other essential facilities throughout the Territory.
The hard working Territory Generation and Power and Water workers that were on shift, or volunteered to come in to work last weekend to assist.
We had members out until the early hours of the morning in trying conditions with the whole situation being made more difficult because of poor interfacing between Power and Water and Territory Generation since the split.
Paul Kirby
Northern Territory Organiser, Electrical Trades Union


  1. Well said Paul Kirby.
    Stop treating the people like idiots CLP!
    We deserve to know what happened.
    Adam Giles I am so disappointed at you.
    Red Center Nats was great fun but fix the basic services.
    That’s all the voters ask.

  2. Point of order Mr Kirby – I doubt any PWC employee “volunteered”. All would have been paid very nicely, thank you.


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