$75m power upgrade for Alice to reduce electricity costs


p22100-Brewer-power-stationThe NT Government will invest $75 million to expand power supply facilities at the Owen Springs Power Station (pictured) 26 km south of Alice Springs.
Chief Minister Adam Giles said the upgrade will also see the retirement of the Ron Goodin Power Station at the end of 2017.
“This is an important investment in essential services in Alice Springs that will increase the reliability and efficiency of power supply and put further downward pressure on electricity prices,” he said.
“The Ron Goodin Power Station is at the end of its useful life and needs to be retired and the Owen Springs Power Station located 26km outside of Alice Springs is the appropriate location to replace that capacity.
“The construction phase of the expansion will also create around 49 direct full time jobs in Alice Springs,” he says.
Treasurer David Tollner said this expansion will give Alice Springs residents increased confidence in their power supply and create high efficiency power plants with improved environmental outcomes.
“Once works are complete we will see a significant reduction in maintenance and operating costs, and a reduction in noise and carbon emissions,” he said.
“These efficiencies should also see wholesale electricity price reductions of around 15 to 20%.”
As reported exclusively by the Alice Springs News Online, a  nine month tender process for expanding the plant has already been undertaken and Territory Generation selected Clarke Energy to deliver the project.
“Clarke Energy will supply and install GE’s high efficiency Jenbacher reciprocating gas engine generators,” Territory Generation CEO Tim Duignan said.
“The performance of this equipment has been well proven in remote Australian conditions similar to the environments at Owen Springs Power Station.”
The expansion will add 41 MW of gas fired spark ignition reciprocating power. Works at the plant are due to start this month and be commissioned by December 2017.


  1. CLP is responding to the political pressure being applied by a professional Labor alternative.
    Keep up the pressure on these pretenders NT Labor!
    You’ve got my vote.

  2. Sure Labor did do a good job and did ask the right questions … just like the Union, various individuals and this paper.
    Gunner and Co now need to follow through with his well-applied pressure and get more cut-through with Labor’s growing list of policy alternatives!
    Yes we already know that the CLP and their cronies are pathetic – and need to turfed out – but for as long as they are led by Giles they’ll keep throwing money and spin at anything and everything! They’ll get all the media coverage! That’s all they’re any good at!
    Labor need to ask themselves why their three big recent announcements have received little to no coverage in this paper.


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