Man charged after police seize meth, firearms


p2306-fire-arms-policeAlice Springs Detectives have charged a 34-year-old man with drug and firearm offences following a search warrant at his home yesterday, according to a police media release.
Senior Constable Tim Healey says members from the Southern Tactical Investigation Squad and Cross Boarder Team in Alice Springs arrested the man at about 1pm yesterday after they observed what they will allege was a drug transaction between the man and another.
Det Healey says the 34-year-old was then seen getting into his vehicle and was apprehended and searched.
“Detectives located methamphetamines, cannabis and other pharmaceutical drugs in his vehicle,” says Det Healey. “A search warrant was issued and detectives searched his residence.”
They found more methamphetamines, two .22 calibre rifles – one of which was sawn off – and a 12 gauge shotgun.
“The two rifles were reported stolen during an unlawful entry on Elder St in October 2015,” Det Healey says.
The man was charged with unlawfully supply cannabis, possession of methamphetamine and an implement to administer a dangerous drug, as well as possession of an unregistered firearm and ammunition without a license. The man was remanded in custody and will appear in the Alice Springs Court today.
IMAGE courtesy Alice Springs police.


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