Our unemployment rate still the lowest


Sir – The latest unemployment figures show that the Country Liberals Government’s plan to grow the economy is delivering more jobs, better services and improving our unique way of life.
The Territory’s trend unemployment rate fell 0.1 per cent to 4.1 per cent in December, the lowest in the country and far below the national average of 5.8 per cent.
These figures highlight that the Northern Territory is the best place to live, work and play in Australia, while we know there is more to be done to ensure all Territorians share in economic growth and prosperity.
We also have the highest employment participation rate with 11,000 more people in work now compared to three years ago and our economic growth is forecast to outstrip the rest of the nation.
There is the potential for more jobs in tourism, energy, mining and the maritime service sector.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


  1. Mr Giles, you have done very well and achieved exactly what every modern economy needs – job security, progress and personal safely, all this you have achieved in a couple of short years in trumps.
    Nevertheless, you will be voted out by the under-achieving malcontents in your own party, who, unable to achieve anything of any consequence have started their own “independent” party and will preference Labor, also out of spite.
    Another “independent” who stood for the Labor party and whose FB page is full of local labor supporters, Phil Walcott, will take about at least a handful of votes from you personally.
    Voters in general are angry as you did not consult them on the sale of TIO (forgetting that the LABOR Party sold Qantas) to pay down Labor’s debt. That will come back to haunt you.
    On a more personal note, although you seem to prefer to be seen as just another Aussie, you have outraged the dummy spitters by being a successful Aboriginal person and not someone they can control for their own ends.
    So, I just want to thank you Mr Giles, for giving us a taste of a wonderful quality of life, of employment, prosperity and public safety – but you will pay a heavy price for it.
    To those who will write angry, hissing, spitting replies to this, please maintain the rage … it’s really bad for your health.

  2. Where’s your evidence that I ever stood for the Labor Party, Lummy? That’s right … there is none.

  3. What’s new? People inventing information and publishing it as if it is true.
    I must agree with Zedario who asks “Who was counted?”
    I am certain that indigenous people were NOT counted wherever they live on communities and more too.
    They do provide about 1/4 of Australia’s incarcerated numbers and they do NOT perform crimes at that rate at all.
    We all know that. SO they, too are excluded from this magical pudding of a number. Put them in jail and they are not unemployed, right?
    You’d think Giles would be too ashamed of the prison rate to boast about employment rates. But no, he’s a politician.
    Sounds sick and it is. But that’s what is actually happening and has for over a hundred years.


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